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Recognized for ability to build strong relationships to produce professional websites for clients and researching relevant facts on improving their portfolio. 

What I can do

I research relevant facts to improve client portfolios based on their needs to produce beautiful responsive websites.

WordPress Website

I design and create websites using WordPress and web applications based on clients recommendations. My experience includes writing code, updating sites, designing layouts, editing website content, and making adjustments based on client feedback.

Website Maintenance and Updates

I can maintain your website's traffic, performing website design, implementing social media strategies, and publishing content. I would also update your plugins, add anything to the website such as site maps, Google maps using Google My Business, post, pages, and any necessary plugins.

About web hosting

Website hosting allows your website to be viewed online by people that are searching the web for answers to their questions or just looking for information. 

These documents live on the internet and are referenced when needed by people all over the world.

Hosting acts as the physical location of your website, in simpler terms for those still learning the site is your address while your domain is you.

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About domains

When you think about creating a domain you want to ensure that the name you choose is going to be related to your website.

Many people make the mistakes of creating a domain name and what platform to choose from. 

Well, I am here to help you, so you don’t make that mistake.I need your undivided attention for just about 10 minutes, so I can get you started the right way.

What is keyword searches?

There are so many documents online that Google likes to reward ones that have good content. Anyone can build a website but it takes a lot of time and effort to create engaging content.

I realized that when I started my online business I had a desire to create a platform with educational resources.

I wanted to apply everything I learned and teach others how to do the same so what is keyword search about. 

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My projects 
 My projects

What am I working on now?

Web Development

Has a Web Designer I am constantly challenging myself to new opportunities.

Fully committed to providing a compelling solution and achieving quality work including a desire to simplify and innovate the culture of writing and technology.


I have worked with Icomputernerd on building my restaurant’s website and have been very impressed with the final product and the promptness of the work. Thanks again and I recommend you give it a go.

Irie Vybez

Viviana really lives up to her promises. She did an amazing job for me and was very professional throughout the process. I highly recommend you take a moment and reach out to her. You won't regret it. Thank you Viviana.

Alvin Morano

Viviana, is informative, patient and understands the needs of my business. Highly recommend her for your new business .

Lizza Maza

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