A Beginners Guide on Affiliate Marketing

More and more people are solidifying their business and career paths to this digital world we live in today. In this post,  “A Beginners Guide on Affiliate Marketing,”  I am going to go over some of the relevant researches I have conducted to come to a level of understanding of how affiliate marketing works and how I make money from it.


If you are looking to explore a new way on how to incorporate an online income stream, then this beginner’s guide to affiliate marketing posts will add value to your search.


It is not unknown that affiliate marketing, when done correctly, can bring you online success. And a lot of money. Now, if you just started your research on affiliate marketing, then you will quickly discover that there are so many online resources to choose from. Here I will be discussing the beginning stages of being an affiliate marketing, including tips on how you can extend your digital footprint.




A Beginners Guide on Affiliate Marketing 101

I don’t want to state the obvious on how you should have already decided on your topic of discussion. I want this post to be as valuable and unique as possible. All those other questions you can easily research. I want to get into the meat and potatoes right from the beginning.




Find the perfect social platform

What I mean by this is depending on what kind of category of affiliate marketing you are looking to get into, then there should be a clear path on what social channel you will be using. Your best bet is extending your reach to as many social channels as possible, but since we are at the beginning stages, lets us start with two.




Yes, most definitely, having a website is going to allow you to share your URL links amongst other social platforms. Typically links never expire unless you cancel your hosting provider or the link is broken.  If you are not familiar with creating a website or a blog post, then check out my article on “How to create a blog website for free.” 

This would surely give you a better understanding of how to post. Or at least I hope so 🙂






Build button screen shot




Find the right company to partner with

guys shaking hands



Yes, seriously do your research, especially if you aren’t familiar with the companies you want to partner with. Not all payouts are worth investing in. Take it from me. I had to learn the hard by making bad choices. Well, I look at it like this if it wasn’t for those bad choices I probably wouldn’t have been able to write you a good post about my experience.








Recommended affiliate programs with high payouts

I use the Wealthy Affiliate platform, to learn more on this platform check out my other related post


How I use Wealthy Affiliate to promote my business

Is the Wealthy Affiliate a scam?



Master one niche

As a beginner in affiliate marketing, I strongly recommend that you stay with one subject matter. Or at least the same industry category. This will help you in posting more credible content as you would be considered the mastery of this subject. Now don’t get me wrong if you have several passions that you want to write about then, by all means, do so it would just be better structured sticking to one subject.





How to incorporate affiliate links into your website- Using WordPress

It is straightforward how to integrate affiliate links to your site. Once you have your blog post running and the subject matter you decided to write about, then you would incorporate links as so.

Now because I use WordPress, I would be demonstrating that in this post. I will later state why ultimately you want to go with WordPress for your blog post in the long run.


If you aren’t familiar with WordPress, then check out this post on

How To Create A Website On WordPress [Part 1] & How To Create A Website On WordPress [Part 2]



Step 1

Assuming you already set up a post and started writing some content. Go ahead and highlight the word with your mouse until you see it greyed out.

Word being highlighted


Step 2

On the menu above your dashboard, go ahead and click the chain to incorporate the link on your post.

Incorporating link on WordPress







Step 2

Go ahead and incorporate the link into the post and update your content page. Now your link is included.

Interesting the link







Create quality content

So now that you already laid out the foundation of having a product to promote, it goes without saying that great content has to follow. I know how challenging it can be with creating daily content, but let’s face it; we have to do it if we want to be successful at affiliate marketing. However, being new to affiliate marketing is not only going to take great content and products but also understanding your buyer.

Keep in mind that you are writing for real people who want to read relevant facts on the products or services that interest them.





Understanding what kind of questions your audience is asking.

This topic right here is crucial to your business. Understanding what kind of questions people are searching for online will help you create better content and understand some of the real pains your potential customers may have.

Using keyword optimization

Implementing keywords will allow your content to become highlighted to people searching for that specific word or phrase to their questions or recommendations.  Check out this post on

“What is keyword search.”


As a writer, I have my own interpretation and style of reading, writing, and evaluating information. Most of my writing skills come from creating Technical Case Studies in college. As I started becoming more intrigued by ways how I can incorporate my writing style and make money from it, I became an Affiliate GURU!


The image below there shows specific metrics that make up how good a keyword can become highlighted to searches. Understanding how the common keyword phrases on a monthly basis, along with how many people you will be competing against these keywords. This will make all the differences in the world.



Jaaxy keywords

Build trust

Part of the beginning stages of getting into affiliate marketing is building trust with your potential audiences/ clients. Please do not misinform people on how great a product is if you have never tried it. Be honest with your customers, even if it hurts. Trust me; people will respect you more for that than to be misinformed.



My recommendation on Affiliate Marketing platforms

There are a ton of marketing platforms that you can get into. Such as WordPress, Social media marketing like IG, Linkedin, etc. However, what I like about this platform is the step-by-step process and the guidance that you receive within the community.




Wealthy Affiliate

I have been a member of the WA platform since I discovered it about two years ago. I love everything this platform has to offer. As a Technical Writer, I can create different web content for myself and for clients to help them better brand themselves in the online space.

My first initial visit to this platform was for the 50 websites I can create and manage all in one place. I love that you can see when Google has indexed your site and understand your site’s health for better conversions.

Wealthy Affiliate screen shot course
















While exploring the different options within the platform, I decided to not only create content related to my business but also monetize it. I have a few friends that decided to explore WA and have been a member ever since. What I have done for them is added value to their search as well as earned commissions through their memberships. So basically, my membership comes out to be FREE. 🙂



Even if you aren’t ready to become a member, at least you get to enjoy all the free perks that come with it like two free websites and the lessons.


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  1. Thanks for sharing this guide. It’s quite different than most of the guides on affiliate marketing that I’ve read so far. Many others that I’ve seen are overcomplicating things. This is on point and simple and most importantly, it works just like that. Great stuff, thanks again.

  2. A nice and wonderfully written post. Thanks for sharing. Anyone else reading this, making money online is a true opportunity and there are legitimate businesses like this available that will end up being beneficial if one dares to explore some more about them. Posts like these also helps a lot as they shed light perfectly on the subject matter.

  3. This guide helped me a lot. I recently heard about affiliate marketing and I try to gather as much information as possible about this opportunity. From your article it seems like it is not to hard to start, but I am worried about writing articles. I am worried it is going to take me a lot of time.

    How you’ve managed to create this kind of informative article? How much time it usually takes.

    Thank you.

    1. Hi. Strahinja I am glad that you found this article very informative. It does take time to gather your thoughts and put together some good content. My advice to you and anyone wanting to start a an online presence is to add it to your daily agenda. Put away all distractions and start writing. Something like this used to take me 4 to 6 hours when I first started now I have cut that time in half.
      Thank you Strahinja and please come again.

  4. Dear Viviana
    Thank you very much for your fantastic website that shows the most effective approach to start up your own online marketing business which can grow gradually.
    Kind regards,

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