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Best Website and Hosting

If you are reading this chances are you are in the preliminary stages of creating your website, or you may just need some information on hosting. Whatever your visit is related to thanks for stopping by!

After years of web creation and finding the best hosting companies for my clients I decided it was time to blog about it and share some knowledge. In this post, I will be discussing the best website hosting companies that worked for my clients and me.

One size does not fit all

What I mean by this is that there are a variety of companies that offer different types of hosting services from shared hosting, VPS, cloud, managed, etc. Let’s go over some of the specifics of hosting options, so you can have a better understanding of how this all works.

 Shared hosting [is the most common]

Shared hosting is exactly what it sounds like “shared”. Your website will be shared amongst multiple sites on a single server. Almost every hosting company provides shared hosting because of the low cost associated with it.

What I like about shared hosting is that you don’t have to manage your website, I will go over that as well. Shared hosting is recommended for sites that are just starting to gain some traffic.

Below are my preferred hosting companies.

Bluehost [shared hosting]

Website platform used: WordPress

Bluehost offers shared hosting at an affordable price. Their hosting cost can range between $3.95 to over $25 a month. They also provide different types of hosting options which I will be discussing in this post as well. The company also offers WordPress as their main site builder.

Bluehost is one to the top most significant web hosting providers with well over 2 million domains and counting.

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Wealthy Affiliate [shared hosting]

[All-in-one hosting, domain, managed and shared]

Website platform used: WordPress

Another shared hosting that I recommend and I use will be within the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Wealthy Affiliate hosting is a shared hosting environment which can range from FREE to $349 a year. I use this platform because of the number of websites I can create which is between 1 to 50.

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Site rubix screen shot

What I also like about Wealthy Affiliate is there committed to having good relationships with their customers. The service is great, and if I need help with my website, I receive a response literally within minutes. To me is much more valuable, because when I need help, I need it fast.  I also receive notifications when my site has been indexed by Google, along with site performance and more.

Over 1.5 million active and nonactive members here on the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

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VPS Hosting [shared and dedicated hosting]

Website builder used: WordPress

VPS hosting also is known as “Virtual Private Server” which has some similarities to shared hosting. Let me put it to you like this. It’s a dedicated and shared hosting in one. When you are managing your hosting, it can be costly and challenging if you aren’t familiar with the platform. You would also need to know how to upload your website files to your hosting. But that’s not the most challenging part.

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Screen shot of VP hosting

This type of hosting is ideal for websites with high-traffic that need to set up their host in a specific way. So if you aren’t receiving about, 6000–7000 monthly visitors you don’t need a VPS hosting right now.

Host Gator [cloud hosting]

Website builder used: WordPress

Cloud hosting is a do it yourself platform, so you will be configuring your hosting on your own using a C-Panel just like a VPS. Sounds confusing enough? Right so if you aren’t particularly tech savvy then you may want to stick with a more managed hosting provider.

Cloud hosting, unlike other hosting companies, doesn’t particualr have any physical servers since everything is cloud-based, almost like your mobile photos that are being saved on an Apple icloud if you have Apple of course.

10 Hosting

Website builder used: WordPress

10 hosting provides unlimited bandwidth space also with cloud-based hosting solutions. It’s very inexpensive since you manage it yourself but what’s also interesting is the price decreases over time the longer you are with the company.

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Liquid web managed hosting


These hostings options are ideal for websites that receive high traffic as well as someone that can configure their own cloud hosting.


Liquid Web [managed hosting]

Website builder used: WordPress

Managed hosting allows you to rent your very own server that is managed for you. This is also ideal for websites with high traffic. Managed hosting is not shared with anyone else and can be a little more expensive than shared hosting.

I have used Liquid Web for some of my clients since they were planning to scale much more significant amounts of traffic to their site.

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About WordPress your website builder

It’s apparent that WordPress is the preferred website builder for the majority of the hosting companies. WordPress dominates over 33% of the website due to the customization features it has to offer.

A little WordPress history here:

I use WordPress with all of my clients since that is the website builder I am most proficient in. Now if you are a beginner using WordPress it may be challenging unless you have the right resources. Once you familiarize yourself with the builder, you will be able to customize your website in no time.

If you want more detailed information on starting your first blog post, then go to my most recent post. “How to create a blog website for free.”


There are so many FREE resources out there to help you better educate yourself on what kind of hosting services you need. What I personally look for is what makes sense for my clients. That’s not all considering other factors like budget, traffic, the purpose for your website and more.

To best way to completely understand what you need is to research relevant facts on your overall goals. I was able to extend my freelancing career by having a full understanding of how to create a name for myself in the online space.

A website is going to allow you to do the same. if you have been in the game for a while and or just starting out take my advice on one thing to be consistent.

Being consistent will enable you to master your personal or business goals. You will be able to gain the necessary knowledge you need to keep growing.
Thank you for reading and as always leave me your comments and share with me what hosting and web providers you use and why?


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