How to make money online for free!

How to make money online for free?

How to make money online for free is one of the most talked about businesses right now because of the different ways to gain income.

However, there is also the misconception of how everything works and a lot of scams going around when people tend to falsely their earnings.

So since you are here take it from me there is money to be made but there is also the right way to do it.

Here I am going to share my story on how I started making money online and how you can do it too.

So who wants to learn how to make money online for free?


Create a blog

With all the reasons why people are interested in investing time to create an income stream online, there’s no wonder why blogging has become popular.

Whether it’s to supplement your income or the flexibility from working anywhere you want can be some very rewarding perks.

I prefer creating a business online because it allows me to expose myself to more and more people from all over the world.

With a blog, you can incorporate affiliate links as well as promote your products or services for the world to see.


Create a website to sell your products or services

Selling your products or services online gives you the opportunity to gain some exposure.

There are billions of people online right now looking for answers and or solutions to their problems. Understanding what people are looking for can help you become more successful.



Make money from your smartphone

There are a ton of apps that will allow you to make money from your smartphone like freelancing. You see people post jobs in efforts to gain individuals to help with projects and so forth.

How to make money online can be so simple with just a bit of research. There are a ton of apps that you can download to look for work.


Do your research

lady reading

My go-to statement is… It takes a lot of time and effort to create a successful blog post and write good content.

I did some extensive research on how-tos and provided some valuable information for you to take with you.

However, the fact of the matter is to dramatically change your search results it’s best to reference in some type of learning platform.


If you are going to start a business at least you should know how to market. Marketing is not the way it uses to be the old fashion way now it’s all online. So don’t do yourself a disservice and skip a step.

It’s also good to learn from others like minded people that are already in the industry and doing what you are doing.

That helped me immensely throughout my online journey. It also allowed me to network with others which I am extremely grateful for.



Look for people find them there out there and learn from them most people in the industry are willing to help.

Networking allows you to learn more about how you can brand yourself to others as well.

You get to understand the basics of a buyers persona and how long it can take for someone to purchase your product or services


My Discoveries

One of my passions was to create a platform based on different educational resources you can find useful.

This allowed me to understand in depth how to successfully achieve my goals as an entrepreneur.

One of my favorite learning platforms is the Wealthy Affiliate learning tool.

In this business, you have to be in the market to help people not to sell to people.

Now I am not saying that we don’t want sales but I learned a lot about people and customer service. When it’s all said and done people buy from people they trust that are going to understand their needs.

I started my projects with the WA program and it has been absolutely a great learning experience.

I received so much support from the members there like no other.

I was able to network with people that understand this industry and they were always willing to help.

I went through the teachings that Kyle “CEO” had on the platform and I went ahead and started a new website from scratch.

That is where I started writing content about my online journey and sharing what I have learned.

Facebook as your social channel

Facebook is the most looked at social channel and probably most preferred. It’s always best to have a Facebook business page since now people are relying on pictures, videos, and demos. Consumers want to see how your product works and how it can benefit them.

I went ahead and created several groups and pages on Facebook such as Learn how to monetize your site/ affiliate by Vivi as well as a business Facebook page to help others on how to make it on the online space.






Most of my passive income was outsourcing my creative writing skills and web designing.

As I kept marketing myself I had clients that were referred to me by other clients which became a more passive income for me.


What you need to get started online

    1. You need a website 

    2. Domain names

    3. You need hosting

    4. Choose your Niche

    5. You need training 

    6. You need motivation 

    7. You need keyword search 

Hosting and domain can run you between $0- $300 per year depending on who will be your host provider. In order to provide customers with what they need your product needs to be displayed.


Training on how to make money online for free!




So how to make money online for free? 
The end result is this… you have to be consistent on the products or services you want to sell.
What I mean by that is there is a lot of reading and writing involved and if you’re a person that doesn’t like to do any of those things then you won’t be very successful at it.

Share your comments below and also share my story so we can all motivate and inspire each other!

How did you get started in the online space?


Recommended readings :

Top Freelance Sites To Join [For Writers]

Learn about the top freelance sites to join and how it can increase your income.

Freelancing is a way to showcase your skills no matter at what level. The whole concept of freelancing is to get paid for a service that can benefit someone who has a desire to learn all about the subject matter at hand.



What is freelance about?


There are many freelance sites out there that you can get into I mean literally hundreds.

I recently did some research and discovered more people are doing classes online to showcase some of their skills.

The good part about creating a learning platform for others is that you can do it in just about anything you are good at, or a subject that you’re really passionate about learning.  Even the weirdest things you think you might be into someone out there beat you to the punch.

More and more people are becoming entrepreneurs in the online space, I can’t stress this enough but the internet is our second home.

This is where people are spending most of their time on a daily basis. Also in a consumer standpoint, we want to find the answers as quickly as possible, We want someone else to do the research for us and nowadays you can pretty much find the solutions to anything online.



Top freelance sites for writers-Become a freelance online writer

There are tons of platforms for writing services that you can get into. Below I am going to discuss some of the ones that I personally had some involvement in or I heard some positive feedback about.

Textbroker is a platform for writers/ bloggers, where you can either purchase a request from someone to write a blog for you no matter what it might be about. Or you can become an author and pick up gigs that you can get paid for.

Now I personally have an account with Textbroker and I will be honest the pay can be low. There are different stages that you can get into when you first start off.

The first stage or level would be level 2. in which you are paid about ehhh 2-5 cents per word.

However, there is an upside to that when you reach level 5 then you have the option to pick up more articles and the payout increases to about 10 cents a word or so.

To check out what a profile on Textbroker looks like you can take a look at mine here

I don’t have much to say about this platform but I did sign up for their newsletters.

ProBlogger helps other bloggers gain experience in the blogging industry as well as helping others showcase their ideas.

Darren Rowse who is the founder of ProBlogger took his blogging expertise to the next level and created a brand for himself in the online space.

What I liked about ProBlogger is that they had an affiliate program at the time and I never did set it up until now where I wanted to look for more information about it. However they had ended their affiliate program, so I wish I was able to experience.

This platform actually seems very interesting to me it’s almost like a job search engine bur for writers. I haven’t had any personal experience with this site but I have heard some really good things about it.

The company also allows writers to look for jobs very similar to Textbroker. The person posting the job has the option to hire you to work on their blog or move to the next author. They look for specific qualifications that may fit their needs and what kind of work that needs to be done.

This one is one that I got into recently and was really excited about.

This platform you simply create an account to showcase what you are good at as far as marketing, writing, proofreading, web design and more. Fiverr is very competitive, there are many freelancers looking for work and many people out there looking for solutions to their problems.

I have had one project since I became a member a few months ago. I try to expose myself to using social media as much as I can. However, sometimes things like this take time. Fiverr takes 20% percent of your earnings which in my opinion is pretty fair.

I recently discovered a few weeks ago and decided to give it a try. What I like about Guru is that you can bid for jobs and you pick and choose what you want to do.

Now the tricky part is especially for someone that is starting out to get noticed. There is a membership option that you can choose if you wanted to go that route. Basically, the difference is being able to create more bids.

So, for example, every month you can request 10 bids from people that are needing projects done. Once you exhaust those bids that’s pretty much it, you would just have to wait for the next month to rebid again.

I created an account with Upwork and I was denied based on my credentials.

So this one is pretty difficult to get into. The company looks for freelancers that work in the field as well as having the skills set. I currently do marketing and sales and I originally wanted to get into it to promote my writing services but oohh maybe next time.


Freelance business ideas



I mean all I can say is think! Put your mind to work and let others benefit from your teachings. Did you know that the number #1 search online is health and fitness? This is why you have so many coaches out there promoting shakes and daily workouts. Because you’re creating a brand for yourself.


Become a fitness coach

Go ahead girl… and show them how you flex!

Excersing is addicting once you get started.

It puts you in the right frame of mind as well as in good health. This is why so many people are doing this as their full-time jobs and becoming coaches or personal trainers.

There are many programs out there that you can promote and people are pretty successful at it why?  Because people buy from people.

Consumers want to feel as if your speaking to them directly. They want to feel wanted but most importantly that you have the best solution to their problems.


Take videos of yourself cooking and post it on YouTube

Remember that I told you that health and fitness are the most popular subjects being searched online? Well so is food. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love to eat.

People are always uploading YouTube tutorials on how to meal prep or make certain dishes. I personally love to cook but Iove to eat more than cooking :).

There are very famous chefs out there like Gordon Ramsey who hosts all of these cooking shows and shares some dishes with us on YouTube.

How to gain more exposure for your freelancing business?

The best way to gain more exposure is through the internet. Yes, I know I sound like a broken record 🙂 but its the best way to gain as much exposure as possible.

There are many platforms where you can showcase your work. But what better way to show off your skills sets by having your own website. For example, I do some freelance writing and web design for a small client based and this is how I gain some exposure.

What I like about the online platform is that you can have a subscription-based clientele and monitor your incoming traffic flow.

Now there are other ways you can do this besides creating a website you can set up a Facebook business page like the one I have set up for myself. You can check out my profile here.

What I like about the Facebook page is that you can set up campaigns and reach to a lot of users. You can also set up campaigns to filter out a specific audience you’re trying to target which also helps you gain more prospects.

What are your thoughts?

Now that you have read some good recommendations for your freelancing ideas site what are your thoughts? What’s your favorite freelancing platform to get into? Is there one that you would prefer more than the other?



If you want to learn how to market yourself and create an online business with this free training platform by Wealthy Affiliate click below.


Online Marketing Courses

So you want to learn more about marketing and don’t know where to start? Well, I am here to give you some awesome online marketing expertise as well as show you which companies are offering free online marketing services vs the ones that require a fee.

Email Marketing

Online marketing courses for free

There is a ton of resources available online that will help you in choose the right marketing strategies to start your campaign or proposal for your business.

Some online marketing businesses use different approaches when it comes to their campaign. Whether you’re looking to set something up for personal branding or you want to become a paid blogger?

How about an affiliate marketer? there are some steps that you must take to gain traffic and understand the process which is why it’s always good to learn some new tactics.

Wealthy Affiliate Review







This is not just any marketing product that you find online, this is an actual community of like-minded people that help you succeed in the online business world.


Not only will you have the PROPER and I have to emphasize that word because this is the real deal. You will have the proper step by step training that will help you create a custom site for your niche of choice.

This marketing academy platform teaches you the basics of how to get started with creating good content and marketing your online business.


You receive instructions on how to monetize your site as well as promoting your page by using social media such as Pinterest, Instagram, FaceBook etc.

There are certain recommendations that are presented to you in terms of who to use for your email campaigns or what company you want to use for video recording.

There is no other company out there that allows you to chat live with members 24/7. Or how about access to live tutorials, create over 50 websites with shared hosting, support from others within the community?  For the most part, I have seen companies that do offer some really good information but not one really guides you.

There’s also a live chat available 24/7 which connects you to people all over the world that are already working on their own online business.


With over a million members of the community asking a question is simply because there is always someone available to help. This is good because you get to network with tons of people.

To learn more about what you receive with your membership.  click here and sign up! you won’t regret it and see what this platform has to offer.

Product_Online marketing academy

Is bottom line Wealthy Affiliate a scam?

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Price: $0- $49 a month or yearly subscription available
Owners: Kyle and Carson
Overall Rank: 99 out of 100


Another learning platform where you can check out free online marketing techniques is at

Udemy is a global marketplace that allows people to explore new learnings in just about anything the like.

Whether you want to learn more about photography, baking, programming, or what we are discussing now marketing.

Here you will be able to accomplish that. The way it works is people create tutorials on what they either specialize in or what they are passionate about.

Now keep in mind that not all of the videos are free however there are a ton of free ones that you can benefit from so make sure you check them out while you can.


You will learn many things that will help you succeed in your accomplishments, also while learning at your own pace. Once you register for free you have access to hundreds of videos to help you visualize your dreams. Members upload useful content for free in return for some followers and gain some type of traffic.

Similar as to if you were writing an ebook and wanted to sell it on Kindle. The first thing that is recommended to attract readers is to have the product at a low price point or for free for at least two weeks.

Not saying that it’s the same concept as Udemy but very similar. Honestly, any new information that you obtain even if it’s half an hour of your time is going to benefit you in the future. Sometimes we get so caught up in life but that can’t slow us down from being a productive human being. To learn more about click here

Product_Online learning platform

Name: Udemy
Price: $0-?
Owners: Kevin H Johnson
Overall Rank: 90 out of 100



Awin is not a free online marketing course but it’s definitely on my list of top 5 for some valuable information that you will surely benefit from.

For instance, go ahead and read their 10 tips for choosing an affiliate program that will work for you. This article gives you some really good insight on what affiliate programs will work for you.

Now naturally you want to do something that you are a complete master in with the ability to challenge yourself. Awin targets more publishers and advertisers to help with their campaigns and help companies succeed in the online business world.

This platform isn’t much different than the WA, Udemy, Constant content, and others. The site gives some really good insight in targeting your readers to the quality of products and services that are out there but then again that’s what I am here for!

PRODUCT_Online marketing

Name: Awin
Price: email inquiry
Owners: Mark Walters, Adam Ross, and Peter Loveday
Overall Rank: 75 out of 100

The Six Figure Mentors

This one sparked my interest for quite some time and it was overdue that I started at least a free membership trial and so I did and here’s what I found.

The company Six Figure Income states that they are the mentors and digital academy experts.  There is also information on how the online space is growing, now this is true in its entirety!

The online business is growing rapidly because this is where most of the people spend their time.

I remember going to school I use to get blisters on my fingers from writing the teachings that the professors gave us from the board. Who remembers that:)? In any event, it goes to show how the internet has become such a strong part of our lives.

There is so much information that can be referenced online and it gives us the ability to do more in this world than before in my opinion.

You can look for information on a project from the convenience of your own home. You can locate the best schools for nursing or the top 5 beauty products for your skin. I mean you name it you can pretty much find it.

Now for the sake of this article let me get back to my review on this platform. This is how this works so there is a free 30-day trial membership which is awesome because you have 30 days to decide whether this is something you want to pursue or not.

Now the first thing that I noticed is you have to enter your credit card information to gain access to the videos which me personally I didn’t like. What if I completely forgot about it and I then am charged for the membership which by the way is $25 a month nothing crazy right? So once I went to the next stage I was quickly introduced to a video upselling me on some extra services for $100 BOOO cmon let’s get on with it!. So once I skipped that part I then came across another page of an application that had to be filled out and submitted before you get to the next level.

Some of the questions were things like what is your ideal income potential? where would your dream vacation be? what do you currently do for a living?  Information that is needed for them to get to know you better. Next step is another video with who I am assuming is the CEO in a fancy car thanking you for joining.

So now I am like ok yea for me it doesn’t really motivate me actually makes me pretty depressed knowing that someone is in a fancy car and I am in my 30s in a Toyota. Which might I add I am in love with my car but that’s beside the point.

I suddenly stopped there and lost complete interest in the damn thing. No one to really engage with and or motivate me. This is why I love the Wealthy Affiliate program because there is no other program that I have come across like it.

However, I do tend to look over and read some more information because I can probably learn something new I mean learning in every aspect is always good for the mind. So my perspective on it is that the program does have a lot of information and potential. For me, I need more hands-on training with real people that I can ask questions and relay information. Now again this is completely my opinion everyone is different.

Please don’t forget to write your thoughts in the comments below:


PRODUCT_Online marketing course

Name: The Six Figure Mentors
Price:  $0 -$25 plus a month
Owners: Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek
Overall Rank: 70 out of 100


One of my favorites!

Alison is a  free online learning platform that anyone around the world can gain access to and with many teachings. Some of their courses are related to topics such as IT, health, language, lifestyle, marketing, math and more.

The cool thing about this service is the more people you refer the more access you gain for exclusive courses that are related to your field of choice. It’s almost similar to the Udemy Academy but without many of the ads that are displayed on Alison. For more information on Alison’s learning platform click here: Now the only con that I have about this service is that the website is slow and it can take a few seconds to upload and videos to stream.

However, there is a solution to that! The site has a membership option where you can pay to remove ads for a year in addition to faster site speed. There is also a small section where they sell T-shirts in different styles and colors.

You also have the option to purchase certificates as part of accomplishing your course achievements. I mean that’s pretty cool because it gives you a sense of accomplishment.

People like to feel validated and that there doing a good job at something so I commend that. There is also a section where you can see if there are any careers available. So it seems overall their goal is to help out the community as much as possible

PRODUCT: Online marketing course

Name: Alison
Price: $0- $99
Owners: Mike Feerick
Overall Rank: 87 out of 100


 Constant Contact/What about email marketing?

Although this isn’t directly a marketing training course it does provide some really useful information on email marketing. Constant Contact helps businesses succeed by utilizing their email marketing services and prices are based on the size of your email list. NOTE: I included this website because the site does hold some valuable information that you can utilize with giving you some good email marketing tips. Email marketing helps your business/website retain customers for the life of your site.

It keeps customers up to date with the latest news about your businesses and the changes you have made. By incorporating email marketing you’re allowing consumers to subscribe to your channel and in return for some expert advice. Many people want something that they will benefit from whether its coupons, freebies or even some good old fashion conversations. The point is customers want some type of incentive that they will remember you by and so they can keep coming back.

People that come to this website can learn different ways on how to incorporate marketing tactics on Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, Linkedin, blogging as well as review sites and more. There is a step by step guide on how you can create custom signup forms and campaigns to help you succeed in the online. Remember the world as we know it is definitely becoming more and more remote.

Perks: Constant Contact is free for 60 days and there is no credit card required so you have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain. Click here for your free trial


PRODUCT: Online marketing course

Name: Constant
Price: $0-$335
Overall Rank: 70 out of 100



I hope that I was able to provide you with information on what marketing companies you can benefit from but also in choosing the right one for you.  In addition to that remember no matter what you do you have to invest the time. If you can’t invest some time in your personal growth or your future then chances are you won’t succeed, or I should say the odds are much slimmer. I want to thank you for reading and please don’t forget to comment below with any thoughts that you may have.

About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has changed the way we connect with one another. Here I am going to go over some important facts about digital marketing and how it can be fruitful to your business.


Digital Marketing Definition

Digital marketing is similar to marketing, you’re basically advertising your products or services so people can buy from you.

You are creating advertisements on the benefits of how the products work and need for it by consumers.

What makes digital marketing different than marketing is that you are scaling a larger number of an audience by advertising in the online space.

Times has changed, people change the way they shop and make purchases.

Not only the way we shop has changed but also the way we network and meet others.

When you want to meet someone or find them you will more than likely meet them online since that is where most of their time is spent.

The way we interact with each other is through the internet you rarely get an invitation to your sister’s daughters birthday party in the mail, now you will get a digital invitation from a source of social media like Facebook.

Digital Marketing VS Marketing

Digital Blue Girl

Digital marketing as we know helps target audience online while traditional marketing is advertised with more tangible items like business cards, or flyers, word of mouth, billboards, brochures, newspaper clippings etc.

Digital marketing is taking over because of the number of people that are surfing the web on a daily basis.

Did you know that about half of the world’s population is surfing the web? that’s a lot of people! over 3 billion to be exact and this number is just going to increase as time goes by.

The unique strategy of digital marketing is that you can target a certain audience depending on what kind of product or services your advertising. You can categorize these based on age group, location etc.

The cool thing about it is that you are able to monitor how many people are visiting your site, from what location, and what links are being clicked on what subject.

Why is this important? Because unlike marketing you are able to identify what you need to focus on more and what you need to focus on less.

The old fashion marketing you are unable to really identify how many people are attracted to your flyer or read your brochure, for all you know they throw it in the garbage.

You aren’t able to target a specific audience and you won’t know what needs more or less focusing on.

Digital Marketing Advertising


Anything that you can think of can be advertised as digital marketing.

You can even purchase a car and negotiate with a salesperson without going into the showroom all through your computer.

You can purchase large items such as sofas, beds, software, computers, homes, I mean the list goes on and on.

According to digital marketing has gone up over 100% over the last year while the old fashion marketing has decreased. Again why is that? because I am telling you more and more people are searching the web on a daily basis.

Every second of every minute of every hour people are just basically living online.

Now! companies are making it more convenient to surf the internet by creating more connectible devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, smart TVs, gaming consoles, digital cameras, smart watches and more.

You can communicate with people in any country such as long as they have an internet connection.

Introduction To Digital Marketing-What You Need

Online Marketing List

Just like any business strategy, the keen to success is how you demonstrate your products or services.

For example, you’re creating a website to incorporate your digital marketing skills on how to grow plants? so people can find you.

How are you going to make that happen?

  • SEO “Search Engine Optimization 

SEO and keyword search is going to help you get higher ranked on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

So how are you going to get noticed? What kind of questions are customers asking online? How many people have a need for your services?

What is your competition? I mean I can go on and on. When I first started creating websites I originally did it for personal branding.

Then as my skills improved and I received recognition on my site building I became interested in affiliate marketing and working from home. Success comes in different stages in life and a lot of it has to do with how much time you put into it.

I had many passions and I didn’t know what I wanted to pursue.


I tried different careers, learned different skills, did new things to see if it was something I was going to passionate about.

But! one thing that I did know is… I always had a passion for technology and helping people.

Those were my main desires. I studied networking, mobile connections, programming, site building, taking apart computers, taking apart my phones just to see how it looked inside.

I even did a makeup page on Instagram haha!. I also sold cell phones for many years. I looked for other opportunities to enhance my skills that I started taking a class on CCNA to become a Cisco Certified Network Associate.

Without really knowing if that field is what I wanted to pursue. I just knew I wanted to make good money doing what I love while helping people.

Need help with Search Engine Optimization? Use this keyword search tool to identify what people are asking and what they are searching for online! You receive 30 free word searches.

Passion For Helping People

Originally I was going to incorporate this thought on to my intro to digital marketing but I decided this one is special to me and critical to any success.

As I had stated before I had explored many different careers and try to develop new skills because I wasn’t sure which direction I wanted to take. But! I did know one thing had a passion for helping others.

Reason being is that I felt extremely confident when someone commended me for my work. I felt like a served a purpose in someone’s life and that I am needed.

We as humans, in general, are the happiest when we feel appreciated and valued. All the money or education is the world is not going to give you that satisfaction of feeling wanted.

This relates to your business as well. People want to feel like their valued and that you understand their needs as a consumer this is why it is important that you serve a purpose.

If you don’t like relating, communicating, being involved with people in general than you should become an accountant where you only talk to numbers.

Writing in book

  • Good Content

I mean I know this may be obvious but I want to talk about anyway because this is important.

Whenever you’re promoting a product or service you have to be able to articulate why your product is better than others.

You want to talk about the benefits of the product and what makes it so unique.

If you have content that doesn’t make sense or isn’t related to what your advertising chances are you will fail.

Why? because people buy from people. If you sound like you don’t know what you’re saying or understand it then no one will buy from you because you won’t be able to build that customer relationship.

  • List Your Goals

It is important to list your goals because this will motivate you to achieve them.

I remember I looked at that movie The Secret, remember that? It was funny because the video looked so bootleg lol AKA old.

I remember the author talking about enforcing positive thoughts and it will magically come true.

I kept thinking at the time this is bogus but NO it’s actually true. I know I sound weird but let me explain.

I remember one day I wrote down on a piece of paper how I did not want to meet a guy with certain criteria, so I wrote he cannot be homeless, he cannot be married, he cannot be broken, he cannot cheat, etc.

I mean I had about 15 thoughts in mind. Then a few months later I met this guy that was amazing for the first 6 months then I found out he was married, his wife kicked him naturally because she found out about the infidelity, as a result, he became homeless and broke because he has two daughters and the wife took him to court for child support.

Good for his dum self!!!  I mean this ish was the craziest time of my life.

Vision blocks

Ok back to my point THANK GOD that ended! I went on living my life and realized I wasn’t happy so one day I wrote down some goals I wanted to achieve which consisted of traveling, making more money, moving to a beautiful island, have a partner that I will love and doesn’t cheat and reciprocates those feelings.

Then literally a few weeks later the company that I work(ed) for decided to close down their center and gave us the option to a severance or relocation.

Within a few weeks, I sold everything in my apartment and whatever didn’t fit in my Rav4 was left behind.

I was on my way to Florida! WWUUHOOO. I swear this is the funniest thing ever, after two weeks I met an amazing man and now here I am a year later with the same love.


Then one day I rewrote my goals and some of them were to get a better job, make more money, and travel, so pretty much the other goals I didn’t seem to fulfill and more.

Now I have created an online business for myself and I am looking for new employment and anything that I apply for is over 100k.

I had to build myself up to making these changes otherwise there was no way I was going to succeed.

Once I accomplish some of these goals then I can travel :). So the moral of the story is that if you believe in yourself and you have a positive attitude and vibe you can accomplish ANYTHING in life. This is why it is so important to write down your goals.

Types Of Digital Marketing

These I would categorize them as tactics. There are different forms of digital marketing but they all are related to one thing and that’s the world wide web… HELLO WORLD.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social Media Thumb tacksSocial media is not only the novela world where people express their thoughts, problems, differences, arguments, I mean whatever is on their mind.

People follow real people that are not afraid to say what’s on their minds. Well, this social media life has a bigger purpose.

You have Social media Marketing which allows you to advertise your products or services online using Facebook, Tweeter Blog etc.

With social media marketing, you’re increasing your brand awareness and driving traffic to generate leads.

People that have a need for certain products or services will engage in your post and share it with their family and friends.

  • Affiliate Marketing

This is what I am into basically you create a niche you enjoy talking about. Here is an example of a website that it’s associated with affiliate marketing.

People are making thousands and thousands of dollars each month because of this. Take for instance founded by Brian Lam in 2011.

He created a website so resourceful for different audiences and makes a nice income based on his website alone. He talks about kitchen products, dining, babysitting, electronics, and they’re all neatly categorized based on a product.

  • Pay-Per-Click PPC

This generates an audience to your site through search engine so you gain traffic but in return, you pay a fee.

However, if you’re selling products on your website and from a $5 pay per click you earn $500 then your actually in the game :).

Since it can take months to gain a good amount of traffic this is kind of like your shortcut.  I found this website that has more information on pay per click you can take a look at it here

  • Email Marketing


This one annoys me sometimes because I always get junk mail on things that I either looked up and had to enter my email address to go to the next level or third parties have a listing of my email address.

Now I can’t really say I hate it however it does have some benefits.

I remember I went to get an oil change on my Rav4 at the Toyota dealer and the guy quoted me $90 I was like WT…

So I ended up doing the oil change then I thought! Well, Toyota is always sending me emails so I checked my email then WAM! I found a coupon for an oil change for $35 so I didn’t have to pay $90. OOOOO YEAAAHH! (In my Koolaid man voice).

  • Online PR

This one I had to Google because I wasn’t too familiar with this one. So I did the research for you TADA!!! well for us :).

So online PR also known as public relations is when you network with people that are connected to the online world. Such as bloggers, travelers, people that are part of communities related to online businesses.

Online PR is similar to the traditional posting on a newspaper clipping only thing it’s virtual and cost-effective.


  • Native Advertising

These are pop-up advertisements you suddenly see on Facebook or Instagram. This is naturally led by creating content and sharing with other people through social media.

My Conclusion

Now that you understand more about digital marketing it is important to generate leads in creating meaningful content that will allow others to share and view your products or services.

Pretty soon everything is going to be digital even the monies that we have in our pockets.

Now you have cryptocurrency example taking over. Also, I have learned the most important thing is to market your self-such as creating a website.

This will help show professionalism and you’re able to introduce your readers to different content with backlinks and it will generate more traffic.


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it.







Don’t forget to leave your comments below guys I want to hear from you 🙂


How To Create A Website On WordPress [Part 2]

Learning how to create a website on wordpress can increase your chances of having a successful website.

Hi everyone and thank you for being here! I take it that you at least took a look at my WordPress For Website-Part1 post.

Just to give you a little backstory I created this website to help other people learn how to create professional looking websites using WordPress.

I also go over the different reviews on the domain, hosting, and everything there is to know about creating a website.

I have been creating websites since 2011, along with learning various programming languages like C# and HTML.

However, my main studies are Information technology related to networking, apps and devices, database analysis, system analysis etc.



OK, so the reason I want to jump into this is so that you can have a better understanding of where to start building your site.

If you started with the dashboard that wasn’t going to really motivate you because you’re just looking at the menu and trying to discover where to start.

This post is going to give you basics of how to begin your site using WordPress. OK so let’s get started.


About the Dashboard on WordPress

So when you first get into the WordPress platform your going to notice panel similar to the picture on the bottom of this post.

This is considered your DASHBOARD. There will be a list of different menus such as All in One SEO, Post, Pages, Media Comments etc.

Now some dashboards vary from others depending on what kind of plugins you installed for your website.

There is a ton of plugins out there and they all have different features to that will extend the functionality of your site.

I am not going to talk about the All in One SEO that you see because that’s considered a plugin.

Had I not added it then it wouldn’t have been a part of the menu. However, I will be covering SEO in a future post so make sure you stay tuned!

Post Dashboard



Usually, on your dashboard, you will start with your post.

When you create content for your post they are meant to be organized a little differently than pages so don’t get them confused.

A post is meant to be constant and they appear in chronical order. When I first started using WordPress I had them all mixed up and I probably still do now haha! :).

On a post, you show more interaction with the readers as they comment on your website and share their feedback.

A page is more static doesn’t really have any type of interaction with the readers. I personally don’t mind if people comment on my pages or post, however, everyone is different.

Remember it’s your website so you can customize it to your liking. Also, when you differentiate your content posts to your pages you can track them better and see how many posts you have written let’s say within the past 6 months.

In any event, a post is where you write content to share with others. Over at the bottom of your posts, you have added new, categories, and tags.

  • Add new – This is when you’re going to be adding new content to your site. You’re going to want to have a title, your body, what media you would like to add to your website etc.

Add Nee Post

  • Categories– This will help you categorize your post so readers can identify what subject your post is related too. “I honestly didn’t even use this” mine said uncategorized until recently.
  • Tags– Tags are used for specific keywords in a post along with their categories. “I don’t use this either” Some menus your probably not even going to look at.



  • Media– Whenever you add any type of photo or video to your site it automatically stores it in a file, almost like a photo library.
  • This will allow you to go back and reference any of the pictures you used. I use this when I am adding pictures or videos to my post. I usually don’t use the same picture more than once.



  • Pages– This is where you are going to set up your static pages such as your about me, contact us, privacy policy, etc. There is no or very little interaction on these pages. I personally don’t mind the like interactions on any pages except for my privacy policy.




  • Comments– This is where you’re going to engage with your readers, respond to their post and reply to their feedback.
  • This is important to do because the more interaction you have with your readers the more interested people become in knowing more about your products or services.
  • That will, in turn, create more traffic for you in the future.





There are a few menus under the appearance bar on your dashboard such as themes, customize, widgets let’s go over them.

  • ThemesThemes are different WordPress templates that you can choose to create the appearance of your website. There are hundreds of different themes to suit your style. Many of these WordPress themes are free and some you can use for a fee.
  • Customize– This is where you’re going to customize the appearance of your site whether it’s your background color, picture along with the wording of your site and much more.
  • Widgets– Widgets are going to add additional personality to your site. You can customize widgets to show social media icons, custom pages, music, advertising and more. Widgets normally appear in the footer or side of your website. It’s easy and catches your readers attention.
  • Menus– This is where you’re going to manage your menus, edit and rearrange for your website. I gave a brief description on how to accomplish this in part 1
  • Background– Here you will be able to change the background of your site with any picture, colors, or video. I normally leave it blank because it’s easy for people to read. It also gives a more professional appearance.
  • Editor– This is when you want to go beyond the scope of your theme. I wouldn’t recommend you mess with this unless you are fluent in the programming language to make modifications. The main programming language used on WordPress is PHP *HypertextPreprocessor*. If it’s necessary for you to do so then create a child theme so you don’t jeopardize your site’s content.




  • PluginsPlugins is software created by coders and written in the PHP programming language. Plugins enhance your site appearance and extend the functionality of your website.

Note: More than 5 plugins can slow down your sites upload and download speed so try to keep this to a minimum.




UsersWith this menu, you can add users to your WordPress to allow for editing. Users have full control of your site so keep that in mind when considering adding someone as a user.

Note: If you want to do this right you can’t cut corners there is a lot of information on this website and more to come. This is information that I have learned and that helped me so I can help you.




Import The point of the tools’ menu is to import and export your files from WordPress for example:. The import option gives you the ability to import your saved website and add it to a new or an existing site.

ExportThis is used when your trying to save your files from your website on to your computer. So your basically exporting your pages, post, comments, custom fields and category etc similar to the import tool. You will have the option to decide what you want to export if you want to do all content or certain posts, pages, contact forms media etc.




Under your settings tab, you have general, writing, reading, discussion, media, and permalinks.

General– When you get to the general tab your going to see where you can customize your website’s name, your email address, the start of the week, time format and date format. I usually tend to leave this alone unless I need to change my title and email address.

Writing–  This is when you want to change the writing format on your post. “I tend to leave this alone as well”.

Note: If you need more information on WordPress or if there is something I didn’t cover that you would like the answer to you can go to

ReadingWith the reading setting, it’ll allow you to customize your homepage as well as how many blog pages you want to view.

Discussion– In your discussion settings you are able to customize what readers should fill in to be able to post a comment on your website. I normally do the name and email.

This is good for collecting email addresses so you can utilize them at a later time for marketing if that’s what you’re going for. You can also allow someone to post comments without your review.

I personally would like to see what people say before it’s posted on my site.

You will have people that will comment negatively just because. Luckily I never had that happen but you never know.

Media– The media setting is going to allow you to change your picture sizeI normally just click on the picture and change the size with my mouse.

PermalinksThese are permanent URL links to incorporate into your website. “I don’t use this”


WordPress website builder

Now I know that this can be overwhelming and a lot of information but honestly you really don’t need to touch the SETTINGS for anything.

Another menu that you might not need is the USER setting unless you want someone to manage your website for you or allow to edit.

The most your going to use is the first five starting from the top.

There are many website builders that have the WordPress platform, here are the most common ones.


Easiest Way To Build A Website-Using SiteRubix

The easiest way that I find to build a website is through the SiteRubix platform through Wealthy Affiliate which is what I use to create my sites.

There is a step by step guide for those of you who are starting out. If you’re a person that is not technically savvy with creating websites that would be my recommendation to you.

But you can use any site builder it’s your choice or whatever is easier for you.

From my experience when I first used WordPress I connected with Blue Host.

I also connected with WP directly. Neither one really worked for me due to the lack of support I was getting.

It ended up taking a lof it time and nothing accomplished which then led to me experimenting with different platforms such as Wix and Webstarts.

However, I am glad that I was able to discover different ways on how to customize and create my site.

Step 1:

Log into your website through you Wealthy Affiliate account 


screen shot of welathy affiliate platform

Log in


Step 2: Update your plugins



Website screen shot


Step 3: Remove all your default pages and comments





I briefly described these steps on my WordPress part 1

Getting Started With WordPress

Here is a video of your just going to get started using the WP platform.

Many of the WordPress Tutorials that I found were no less than 30 minutes, some of them go up to 3 hours.



The way that the world is revolving around the internet nowadays is why I decided to create an online business for myself. Not only that but by doing so I was able to network with a lot more people and gain trust.

This established a good relationship with my clients. Building a website has a lot of elements that are composed together, it all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. There are platforms that are easier than others so you always have options.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this article and don’t forget to comment below.




WA Banner

How To Create A Website On WordPress [Part 1]

No wonder why more and more people are using WordPress for their websites. For one WordPress powers about 30% of the internet. It may not sound like a lot, however, considering that about half of the worlds’ population has access to the internet it really is a large amount.


What is a

WordPress is an open source platform site builder. Open source means that anyone is able to create customization for WordPress such as plugins. It is especially useful for people that are not familiar with coding and want to create a professional looking website.


If you need help with manually downloading WordPress here is an awesome step by step guide for that! Click Below…

What is involved in a WordPress website?

When I say what’s involved in a WordPress site I mean just that!

Some people ask me questions about the platform and they have the misconception that once they create the website that’s it the site will pretty much run itself. WELP! I’m here to tell you nooooo.

If you’re looking to create a website with some interaction with others then you can’t just say let me make this website for my business and it’ll be over and done with. Now that is not how it works.

You need to be able to make adjustments to your pages, you need to be able to update your plugins and your themes. You want to write fresh content frequently and engage with your readers.

Word Press bike

Maintenance on WordPress- and How much does it cost?

The cost of maintaining a WordPress site is FREE if you do it yourself! But like most people, you may not have the time to learn the platform and write the content.

Some of us just don’t have the patience to sit there for hours to write our own content or edit our own work.

People don’t understand that there is a lot of things that go into creating a website.

However, I don’t want to give you the impression that it’s impossible either because you literary can create a website in a few minutes.

I think for me is more so like I want it to be perfect and at times I take way too long over thinking the process. Sometimes is a good thing and sometimes not so good.

When I did my first website it was back in 2012 that was about 7 years ago.

I did it for a class assignment nothing crazy. HELLO WORLD! :).  My major was Information Technology. But then as I started thinking of what I really wanted to do in the IT field and ended up leaning more towards web designing.

I had already a lot of knowledge in networking and because the IT field is so broad it’s easy to get carried away with what you want your title to be.

It took me months to learn the WordPress platform so I want to make it as simple as possible to give everyone an opportunity to learn from me. I also created websites with Wix, and Square Space so I am familiar with those as well.


How to create a website on WordPress

There are many ways that this can be done because people have different teachings on how they create their own website.

I am going to show you what I do to get started. First of all, I use the Wealthy Affiliate platform but you can use WordPress on any platform it’s the same thing I’m just going through a different portal.

OK with that being said let’s get started!

So step 1 you have to choose a domain name or a subdomain if you’re doing a free website.

Once you have a domain then you also want to have it hosted. You can host with any company,

I host with WA because it’s cheaper for me, I have 5 websites that I’m working on and managing so I am able to do so all in one platform. Need more information on hosting click here. I talk about different hosting companies and my recommendations.


STEP 1: Create your domain or subdomain

How to create a website

Once you pick a name that you’re happy with for your site then you want to pick a theme.

Make sure that you pick a theme that is related to the topic of your website. You don’t want to confuse anyone, also you want to pick something that you feel it’s easy to navigate so that your readers can identify topics that there looking for a lot faster.

So as you can see below with my membership on WA I automatically get SiteSpeed and Spam Blocker included.

I don’t have the option right now of Site SSL which stands for Secure Socket Layers because I am using a sub-domain. If I were using let’s say or any .com address then I would have the option of SSL.

This is for training purposes and eventually, I will end up getting a domain name as the site progresses.

SSL is a technology that establishes an encryption link between the server and the client. So when you’re accessing the internet and you need to put in sensitive information like your credit card, DOB, etc you won’t be exposed to hackers.


Quick Example:

Secured Site 

Site Secure




Unsecured Site:

Site Unsecure
NOTE: You can still have a professional website with a subdomain just don’t give any sensitive information like I stated.


Step 2: Check for Site Speed, Spam Blocker, and Hosting

screen shot of wordpress
When you go to the next step you will see some WordPress PLUGINS. Mine are preinstalled with SEO and EWWW Image Optimizer


Step 3: Go to your dashboard and check your plugins

Check your plugins


Step 4: Add your plugins

WordPress plugins

When I started dabbling with WordPress I noticed that if you want to customize your site you need to install what is called plugins. Plugins are software created by coders to extend the functionality and customization of your website.

Some of them are free and others you would have to pay for. However, for the most part, plugins that you need are free.

The plugins that I use are SEO, Contact form 7, Ewww image optimizer, MonsterInsight, and WP Socializer.

You can install any plugins that you want it all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish on your site.

Because I am not selling any products I won’t be installing any links to receive money such as Pay Pal. However, if you’re creating an e-commerce site then you will be needing that.

NOTE: You do not want to add more than 5 plugins because it can lower the quality of your site by slowing down the upload and download speed. This can deter your readers from coming back because the site will lag will take forever to download. 

SEO Pack “Search Engine Optimization”

SEO helps your site get ranked higher on Google and other search engines such as Bing or Yahoo.

SEO Pack is free to download, with the option to upgrade. But just to start with the basics so I am not to confusing you, and download the SEO pack. All the other extra stuff you don’t need right now.

If you want more information on SEO Click Here to be redirected.

Contact Form 7

Activate plugin

A plugin that I also use is contact form 7 as a new page on my site.

When I first started creating my website and adding content I didn’t have a contact me page but I have so many people asking me different things related to my website on a daily and on my comments that I decided to add a contact form for that purpose.

The contact form 7 is completely customizable where you can request instead of the person’s email address you can ask for their phone number. You can change the colors schemes on it as well.

NOTE: To customize your Contact Form 7 you would need to do some light coding nothing crazy. To learn more about customizing Contact Form 7 click here:

EWWW Image Optimizer

When I first saw this plugin I was thinking why in the heck I need that! Well, let me tell you yall need it!

It helps you resize your images to fit your device screen size. This helps with speed as well. Imagine you have a large image you installed on your WordPress site and someone is trying to view your site on their mobile device.

It’s not going to look very nice if you have to move your screen around to read the content because your image is taking over your mobile screen. This is the primary function of this plugin.

Google Analytics for WordPress (Monster Insight)

Monster Insight allows you to connect to Google Analytics so you can see how you’re gaining your traffic and from where.

There is so much that goes into Google Analytics if you want to know more about Google Analytics watch the video below or go to

WP Socializer

WP Socializer is a plugin that allows you to share your website on social media such as Facebook, Google, Linkin etc.

Visitors that go on your site can also use the icons to share your story with others.

What I personally enjoy about WP Socializer is that you can pick how you want the icons to look like and where on the page you want it to appear and there is absolutely no coding required! YAY 🙂

WP Socializer


Step 5: Removing default settings on WordPress

Default Sample Page

In this step, you’re going to remove the default post and pages that are preinstalled in your WordPress. Make sure you do this for your post as well which will say Hello World!


Step 6: Add Menus

For this step, you don’t have to use in this order I only do this so I can get the quick stuff out the way like the about me, contact form, privacy policy etc. On your dashboard, you have a page and a post option.

They are very similar but different, when you create a page it’s supposed to be static for example your about page, contact form etc. Those are examples of what a page is supposed to be on WP.

When you create a post it’s supposed to be more engaging. it goes under your page if that makes sense?

So if we write about Top 10 online business you use that as your page and as your post-AKA submenu, you can write something like how to start an online business. Makes sense?



Step 7: Rearrange your menus to your liking

If you want to organize your menu then here are the steps to take. Click on appearance then go to Menus

Go ahead create the menu, and name it Menu 1 like I did so you don’t get confused. Then what you want to do is check on what you want to bring over and change the menu around on the right with your mouse. It’s just a drag and drop.

. Edit Menu

  • Once the menu is in order to your liking then go to your dashboard at the very top of your site where it says customize.


You are then going to see a list stating Menus, Site Identity Colors, Background etc


  • Remember we saved our menu to Menu 1? Go ahead and choose that as your primary as so and you’re all set with your menu.


Sample Site

Step 8: Removing the “Just another WordPress site” on your main page

Go to customization and click on Site Identity




Sample site


  • Then go ahead and just delete it. You can put anything you want here but for this tutorial, I am going to leave it blank.


Sample Site

Now your site should be looking something like this

Remember that Contact Form 7 I plugged in earlier? Go ahead and copy and paste the code and create a page with the content form. I also added a privacy policy and a homepage to give you an idea of how it will look.

Sample Site


Step 9: Writing content

Pages And Post

OK, guys here is where you want to start giving the website of your personality because your website is going to reflect who you are.

You have the foundation down but I still have more I will cover. in the following weeks so stay tuned.

Whenever I start writing content for a website I usually do the about me first because I already know what I want to say, but you can start anywhere you like.

Once you create your first content you always want to preview it before you save it to see if it’s something you want to keep or change.

Add new page



I hope that I have provided some valuable information for you to start your very own website.

Although I may not have put all the answers for you here I want you to know if you have any questions and want to contact me directly please go to contact me or if you would like to leave a comment please leave one below.

Remember today is going to be the new you! So get your mindset right and start your online business. Good luck on the new journey I hope to hear from you all.


Want to start building your own website using WordPress?

Blue Host
 Site Rubix

Note: I used Site Rubix as my website building platform. You can create 2 websites and startup is free


Small Business Ideas

More and more people are discovering new ways on how to work for themselves without the struggles of a 9-5.

Why is that? Well, times are changing and people are becoming more dependant on the internet to answer any questions they may have about various subjects.

We all do it pretty much on a daily basis which gives us more opportunities to work from home or have online business ideas.

Why I decided to make a change

I was at the point in my life sometime last year where changes in the workplace were drastic.

Not only was I relocated from my hometown to the company I work for but also their goal expectations became unrealistic.

Now the relocation was by choice but I am so happy I did that because it motivated me to do more.

I have already exhausted my skills set at my job. It was good while it lasted.

Good benefits and flexibility as far as if you need some time off here and there but the countless 10 – 12 hours a day wasn’t cutting it anymore. I felt like I was working more for less money.

That’s when I decided to research small business ideas and working from home jobs.

Now when you want to start something it is going to take time and consistency to see results.

I know a lot of people want to make money right away when starting a business but the fact is those are unrealistic goals as well.


Now when thinking about a small business idea think about something that you enjoy and that you’re good at.

I mean seriously what’s the point of doing something you don’t like. If your good at baking then start a business idea where it requires your baking skills.

I know a lot of people that don’t have the education they might want to have or maybe they just don’t like school period but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something for yourself.

I remember going to school for the occupational studies of information technology.

I went to school for about 7 years earned my Masters which was a great accomplishment for me. I was always into technology and programming. However,

I was stuck in the same position without any opportunity for advancement because it’s all about who you know unfortunately and not what you know.


Being a female in the IT industry is something that’s not very common, to say the least.

I remember applying for a position that I wanted and had all the credentials for it but someone else beat me to it.

A gentleman with no prior coding experience but I ended up just brushing it off since there’s nothing I can really do.

In any event, as the years past, I became good at creative writing. I did some professional resume writings for families and friends and kept thinking to my self I know I can do more. Then I said well I am good at writing and web designing why not just focus on that, so I did.

I was able to use those skills set and do freelance web design which actually made some decent money.

I then wanted something for my future where I can have residual income coming in. That’s when I decided to do affiliate marketing along with my side gig as a web designer.

I am also a UI developer which takes web designing to a different level with coding.

Top 10 small business ideas- No experience required

Once I decided to go with what I was good at I then created this website how to make money in your sleep so I can show people how to start an online business.

Considering things like starting a blog or creating a website would help people get started somewhere. Now, why did I pick online business?

Because the amount of the audience you can connect with is so large that it will benefit you in the future.

Here are some small business ideas that you can start with and see where it grows.


-Internet marketing- This is something that I talk about a lot because the internet is the future and it’s the way of the world.

Computers are taking over and more and more people are dependent on online search.


-Cleaning Service- This starter company you cannot get wrong like seriously.

I disliked cleaning my own house because that’s the last thing on my mind after working a 12-hour shift. I remember telling my coworker that I have a cleaning lady and it was the best thing in the world.

She decided to hire someone to clean her house as well and she absolutely loved it.

I know this lady that came from Cuba speaks no English and came to the US picked up a few clients started her business and now is making over 100 k a year just working a few hours a day.

NOTE:  if your Latino don’t tell your mom you have a cleaning lady she will crucify you. Just saying   

-Nutrition Coach- Ever see people selling Herbal life or Shakeology? I hope you have because they are everywhere.

I actually have tried both programs, with consistency and following the program it does work. One of the main subjects that people search for online is food and health.

I see people ask questions like how to meal prep in minutes or how to lose weight in 15 days.

I mean it’s not that specific but you get the point. Once you build a good amount of clientele you can always create new ideas on healthy nutrition and maybe even create your own protein shake. I am just blabbing examples but you get the point.

-Photographer- Pull out your selfie skills and make it into something you can convert to money.

No your not going to take selfies of your self haha. But there are companies out there that hire people to take pictures of houses for reality companies that get you $100 or more a pop.

That’s awesome! even if your not like a professional photographer people are looking for convenience and affordable prices.

Start something small and then eventually grow your business and make a name for yourself.

Eventually, you’ll be the person everyone goes to for services.


-Cookie/ Baking business- I like this topic because a lot of people that I know say things like oo I can’t find a job or I am not good at computers, or I don’t have a college education.

That’s excuses people ! doesn’t matter what stage in life you’re in there is always something you can do.


-Logo Designer/ Art- Have a creative eye for drawing or art? You know that you can sell a logo design for hundreds of dollars? Yea I know its crazy right? Because people want you to do the research and the certain things for them. It’s so easy to create a logo and you can put any price just like web design.


-Web Design-  This is something I do on the side as a freelancer and it has been good for me. Not a lot of people are willing to learn the Word Press platform or have a passion for coding.

Yea there are a lot of websites that are relatively easy to create with easy to use drag and drop menus. However, if you’re looking for a more professional appearance people tend to hire web designers.


-DJ- People are always looking to celebrate which is something that makes us happy and validated.

The average DJ can charge from $100 to a few hundred a night, which ends up being what 3 to 4 hours? I know a lot of people in New York City which is where I am from that do house parties on the side or as a full-time business and are always making money.


-Baby Sitter/ Day Care services- For those stay at home mommies that think they can’t benefit from a stay at home job or create a business idea because of their always home.

The average caretaker makes around $600- $100 a month just have 4 or 5 of them little suckers running around and your good to go.

-Clown services-  I know this is so random but it’s a good side gig or even if you’re wanting to do it full time.

But parents pay top dollar for these things to keep their little ones entertained and make it memorable.

Work at home ideas


There is no doubt as to why this topic often comes up, why? because more and more people are wanting to work from home and build that financial freedom. But I don’t mean like work from home where you are being monitored to be stuck by your computer 24/7 no no no! What’s the point of that! I mean like work from home on your own time whenever you want however you want.


– Writing Services- I actually did this as a side gig and I recently became one of the authors of You basically pick an article that you want to write about and get paid for it. You typically start off with a 2 rating then you end up increasing your rating to a 5 so you can get paid more for your work.   











-Arts and Crafts- I know a few people that make baby baskets or party baskets and sell them online, to schools, neighbors etc. If you have an eye for artsy stuff then this might be the right gig for you.


-Sell stuff on eBay or Amazon- Need to get that clutter out of your house? Why not sell them online? eBay and Amazon offer these services for free where they will allow you to create an account and communicate with buyers that are looking for a good deal on new and used products,

Of course there might be a small fee involved in this but that doesn’t take away from the fact that you can do this from the comfort of your own home.


Nowadays more and more companies are offering remote from home jobs because everything is pretty much done online.

The company saves money by not having to pay expenses and upkeeps on an office building and you save money by not commuting to work. Or even better not having a supervisor down your throat 24/7.

Listen to anything that you do is going to take time. Remember the saying Rome wasn’t built in a day.


Business ideas for men

I find that a small search goes into finding business ideas for men but I figure why not throw some thoughts out there for the men out there that are interested.

-Lawn services- I live in the state of Florida and I know a few people making a killing off of these services.

All you really need is a van for your equipment and clients. I see a lot of people advertising their businesses on social media.


-TV Repair/ Mounting services- There are a lot of companies that offer this as an extra fee for just about anything. What don’t I get about it is that let’s say you purchase an extended warranty on a flat screen for an additional 2 years but then something happens after the 2 years then what?

Mounting a tv on a wall let’s say can profit between $50-$300 depending on the tv and what needs to be mounted


-Pool cleaning/ maintenance- This is super easy to do I literally have a pool guy that we pay $75 every two weeks and he comes once a week for like 30 minutes at a time. I’m telling you where there is a will there is away.

I know that many of these topics are pretty much obvious but these are subjects that people look for.

Sometimes we just want to hear it from someone else other than yourself for validation.

Why should you start an online business?


Honestly why not? you can start a small online business on something that you have a passion for. Example, I have a huge passion for computers and technology so I decided why not create a website on that. I show people how they can create an online blog or business and what is the starting point.

-Work when you want- Yes you basically work whenever you want and how you want. No one telling you how to do your job! and you’re your own boss.

-Access to a world online market- Yes this is huge you basically have access to your business all over the world with the web. You gain a much more traffic and you recruit people that come to your site so as long as you keep your content fresh and updated.

-Create long-term financial security- Definitely something we should all be looking into when creating sites and getting into affiliate marketing. This can have a huge impact on your financial future and you can even earn residual income from it.



Now that you have some information on online businesses make sure that you take advantage of this information to help with your decision making.

Working for yourself has never been easy but the rewards are definitely worth a try.

If there is something you would like me to talk about or have any questions please comment below and I will be happy to help.


Want to get started with an online business opportunity?





laptop and information coming out world wide web documents

Website Hosting Reviews

In this article, I am going to discuss what is web hosting all about, the differences between free and paid services including what can be beneficial to your business or personal branding.


  • What is web hosting?
  • What is the cost involved?
  • Small Business Web Hosting reviews
  • The Most Common Hosting Methods
  • Free Hosting VS Paid Hosting
  • Web Hosting Recommendations
  • What I use


What is Web Hosting?

Website hosting allows your website to be viewed online by people that are searching the web for answers to their questions or just looking for information. These documents live on the internet and are referenced when needed by people all over the world.

Hosting acts as the physical location of your website, in simpler terms for those still learning the site is your address while your domain is you.

What is the cost involved?

Hosting services usually can run anywhere from $0 – hundreds of dollars a  year depending on different factors such as companies, bandwidth, customer support, features, what kind of website you own and more.

Now if you are starting and you’re in the preliminary stages of choosing your provider I recommend you go with a platform where you can also obtain a domain name and have a website builder like WordPress. I prefer to have everything in one place.

There are other builders out there such as Wix, Square Space, Award, etc. I mean there are quite a few that you can choose from. I would recommend WordPress since it dominates over 30% of the internet space.


That’s plenty considering there are over 4 billion users online regularly, that’s almost half of the entire world’s population.

Here are some hosting companies you can research.

WordPress hosting – $0-$25 a month

  • 3gb of storage space
  • Includes 1 subdomain
  • Jetpack essential features
  • Community support
  • Design customization

Award Space- $0-$10 a month

  • 1 Website
  • 1 GB storage
  • 5GB of monthly traffic
  • 24/7 support
  • No Site builder
  • No domain name included
Award space is easy to use and not a lot of money if you decide to upgrade

Free Hosting-$0-$14.00 a month


  • 10 GB of disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 1 site hosted
  • 1 email account
  • No subdomains
  • No domain aliases


Small Business Hosting Reviews


Man looking over 2019


Now if you are starting a business and want to choose the right hosting option, there are a few things you want to take into consideration. One of the first questions you want to ask your self is what your long term goal is? Not only for your business but your site as well.

If you are looking to scale your business let’s say two years from now, then you might want to consider shared hosting. Shared hosting is going to be lower in cost and can handle a small amount of traffic.

Having shared hosting means minimum investments until you get some money on your return and slowly build up your website.

If you are looking to hire a company to take over the marketing strategies that you would go with either a cloud hosting or managed. These different types of hosting are for sustaining a more substantial amount out traffic.



The Most Common Hosting Methods

I know there can be a lot of confusion as to what type of hosting to start with but I am going to clarify all that for you. Choosing a specific hosting is going to be predominately based on experience and what kind of website you are operating.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is going to be the most economically priced, and it’s intended for entry-level or starter websites. Typically designed for sites that don’t have a lot of traffic.

Shared hosting means that your website hosting is being shared with several hundred or even thousands of other sites.  I would personally recommend this one to start with.


VPS aka Virtual Private Server

Virtual Private Server is exactly what it’s called private server. This hosting is similar to a dedicated server but with a shared environment.

This hosting designed for customers that want more control of their hosting. However; this hosting still can’t handle a high level of traffic. You will still have your own hosting server but share a physical server amongst others.

Cloud Hosting

This hosting works via internet so there are no physical servers. This method of hosting allows for your website to grow over time and it can sustain the infinite amounts of traffic.

If you are new to performing website strategies chances are you won’t want to manage your hosting anyway. One wrong move and it can harm your entire website.

Free Hosting VS Paid Hosting

Now if no one told you that there is free hosting available, then they aren’t doing it right. Yes, there is such a thing! Now free hosting is offered with a variety of companies including However, that doesn’t mean it’s the right option for your business, and I will explain why.


So when I initially started researching about hosting, web designs and exploring this industry I did try out the free hosting. Now free hosting is especially beneficial for small blogs. Later on down the road, you can convert it into a more spacious hosting provider.

With free hosting you are limiting yourself to bandwidth space, uploading certain pixelated pictures, slower internet speed and more.



Web Hosting Recommendations

Just remember you have options on whom you want to use as your hosting provider. There are tons of companies that are reputable, and you will find working with them a sense of ease since you don’t have to manage your hosting.

For most of my clients, I use  Bluehost since it’s pretty affordable however you would have to pay upfront for the year. I don’t see anything wrong with that it ends up being even cheaper.

  1.  Bluehost
  2. Liquid Web
  3. Award Space
  4. WordPress
  5. Wealthy Affiliate


Web Security

Another critical factor that I look at is the security; you want to make sure that your sites protected against hackers and spam so having robust securities features is very important.

The best way to execute that is to make sure your service provider includes an SSL (Secure Socket Layer). Or make sure you purchase one for your site.

So you’ve done some research but still, have questions on what hosting company to choose from? I will go over the hosting company that I currently use. Keep in mind that every hosting company, for the most part, offer something either slightly different or more functionalities.

You also want to consider jotting down some questions that may be important to you in a hosting company such as security, bandwidth space, customer support availability and more.

What I Use

Hosting with Wealthy Affiliate

Now as for myself since I have several of my websites, I use for testing as well as branding so I use Wealthy Affiliate. as my hosting provider.

The platform not only offers hosting and domain options but also is a social channel. This social media platform is solely designated for bloggers, content creators, and affiliate marketers.

You can network with thousands of users from all different levels some starting their online journey.

You learn how to create responsive websites for your business or personal branding.

Some of the features the platform has to offer

  • Viruses and Malware protection
  • Two free sites with subdomains
  • Grammar and spelling overview
  • 2 out of 12 access to classrooms
  • Ten online training methods out of 50
  • 30 keyword searches with Jaaxy
  • 30 site scans
  • Wealthy Affiliate-$0-$49 a month


With the premium package, you can create up to 50 sites with WordPress and its host for the same price. My favorite part of being a premium member is that you have 24/7 chat help with other members of the community. Everyone is super supportive, and you get to share your site with members to get some real feedback.

Sharing your site is essential for anyone because it gives you a chance to see if you have any missed opportunities.


Hopefully, this post gave you insight on some of the different hosting companies and what they have to offer. If you have any questions or know of good hosting companies that you prefer, please share your experiences below.

Woman working on computer

Create a Domain Name

Create a Domain Name

When you think about creating a domain you want to ensure that the name you choose is going to be related to your website.

Many people make the mistakes of creating a domain name and what platform to choose from. Well, I am here to help you, so you don’t make that mistake.

I need your undivided attention for just about 10 minutes, so I can get you started the right way.

Here are some topics I am going to discuss in this article, you can choose to jump into one that’s more relevant to you by clicking on the link. Or you can just read through to receive the full level of understanding.

Topics of discussions

What is a domain?

Choosing a domain extension name

Free subdomains VS Domains

Where can I register a domain?


What is a domain?

A domain is going to be your websites name it’s typically typed as an URL into your web browser to search for your site’s documents.

Your domain name should quickly distinguish what your website is going to be about and what you will have to offer.

Everything that we do in computers is a combination of codes, numbers, and symbols which is why there’s always a hypertext link “HTTP” before your domain name when inputting it into your web browser.

Example: your street address is your domain name, and your land is where your hosting is located, it’s just an idea of how it works

Choosing a domain extension name

Choosing a domain extension is not that difficult to think about, keep in mind the direction of your business and what audience you’re trying impact.

If you have a nonprofit organization then considering using is a .org if it’s for personal or business .com is the way to go since it’s the most common and widely used.

Some sample extensions are going to be com,.org,.net,.info etc. Make sure that the domain is not already being used and isn’t copyright of any sort since that can cause unnecessary legal actions.

Many platforms allow you to see if a domain name is registered such as GoDaddy, Google Domains, 1and 1, etc.

Usually, the way it would work is you type in your ideal domain name and if it’s already taken you would instantly get notified with other recommendations on new domain names.

For my websites, I acquire my domain names directly from the Wealthy Affiliate platform since they also have to host, WordPress tutorials including live chat 24/7 all in one so it’s easier for me to manage.

However, there are so many other platforms that you can check out like
Site builder
Host Gator
And Another personal favorite of mine that I recommend to my clients for a single website is Bluehost.

To receive 30% off on hosting click here


Where can I register a domain?

You can register your domain name with several different companies. Usually where you end up purchasing your domain name has the option of other services like hosting or SSL.

Go Daddy is probably the largest domain company out there servicing over 14 million people.

The company was founded in 1997 and since then have grown where you are also able to create your website from their platform.

The company also offers web building services free for the first three months which is powered by WordPress. If you aren’t familiar with WordPress is one of the strongest web builders out there to date.

In addition to web building, GoDaddy also offers to host services as well as SSL certification (secured socket layer) that alone will cost you $149 the year.

You have the option of SEO which (search engine optimization) this helps to increase the quantity of your traffic through search engines. As you can see on the GoDaddy screen has all the menus related to what the company offers.

See if a domain name is registered: was founded in 2000, known for their high-quality products and customer service. The company claims to be one of the top companies for domain registration. also offers web hosting which starts at $3.75 -$13.75 a month for Linux operating systems this does not include SSL, SEO. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Linux is an open source operating system that is being used by major IT companies.

It is actually good to get into Linux if you are interested in coding because so many companies are always hiring for Linux developers.

Another hosting service that they use is Windows I know everyone is familiar with Windows the price for this starts at $4.75-$14.75 a month again doesn’t include SEO or SSL. also offers their own web builder which is easy to use very similar to WIX.


-site builder

-host gator 

-i- page


Subdomains vs Domains

Ok, let me discuss briefly on what is a subdomain name is vs. a domain name.

So a subdomain is usually offered for free to help to hosting companies gain some exposure on their platform and or services.

For example when I created this website the domain name was which is the what the Wealthy Affiliate platform uses.

I since then secured a domain by purchasing my site can be chasing one so this way I can add an SSL license.

An SSL license secures and encrypts your website of any information that is provided such as credit cards, names, and phone numbers, etc.

What you can do is when you are ready to provide services you can purchase your domain otherwise a free subdomain is an option for individuals just exploring their options.

Some companies allow you to create a domain name for free, but just like any platform, they offer different options such as paid hosting, etc. I know that WordPress offers a free subdomain for those still in that stage of exploring.


Here are some of the benefits of the hosting that I use with Wealthy affiliate now this is just my recommendation, but you can choose who you want.

-Domain name register up to 25 for the same price


-SSL certificate included

-SEO included

-Website builder with WordPress

I like that as a marketer and freelancer I can create multiple sites for a set price.


Try out all the free platforms 

Try out all the free platforms because this is going to help you make an educated decision as to what you are looking to do. What I mean by that is use all the educational resources that are available to you for free.

I have used BlueHost as well for many of my clients because that’s what they prefer in terms of hosting and choosing a domain name directly from the platform.




This is good if you’re on a budget and just starting out but eventually for more of a professional site you want to pay for the services.

Not ready to purchase a domain name? No problem you don’t necessarily have to purchase a domain name if you are unsure and just starting out.



So if you’re looking to start a site and create a domain name remember the steps you have to take when choosing a domain name and compare prices.

I hope this information has helped and gave you more confidence in your quest for your online journey. And if I didn’t then please comment below and I will be more than happy to answer any of your questions.

  • Create a domain
  • Have an idea in place
  • Choose a company for site building
  • Get your site hosted
  • Write good content
  • Have keyword tools to help you rank in search engines

How to build a website for free