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If you’re looking for some website solutions for a discounted rate here is my recommendations. Here you have platforms that you can scale see which ones would benefit you. Go ahead and check it out.

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Check out these AMAZING deals

Web Hosting Solutions

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Wealthy Affiliate

I use the Wealthy Affiliate platform for all of my web hostings needs. I have a few websites that I am working on, and I have been pleased with the customer service and the help that I have received

This platform has a variety of areas that you can use to benefit what you are seeking when it comes to web hosting

The platform introduces daily training on marketing, improving site speed, assisting with SEO optimization and more. I would highly recommend checking out this platform; there are a lot of FREE resources available to you here.


Bluehost has a high reputation for offering affordable options when it comes to hosting. I primarily recommend this hosting to clients that are on a budget and that are just starting with an online presence.

Bluehost has shared hosting options as well as a cloud hosting where it’s more self-managed. Customer service is minimal if you are needed any help with building your WordPress. However, depending on what kind of website you are looking to scale you can easily use some of their template options for design.

10 Hosting

10 Hosting

10 Hosting offers free hosting services; this is beneficial to individuals that are just starting and are needing to explore the online space.

Just like any free hosting provider you have limitations with bandwidth space and the progression of your website.

Now what is interesting about this platform is that when and if you do retain their services they offer lower hosting cost the longer you stay with them. Interesting right? What other provider provides that? Not sure but hey it doesn’t hurt to look.

VPS Hosting

Now if you intend to scale the traffic of your website quickly or are receiving heavy traffic, then you want to take a look at this platform.

This platform has so much to offer when it comes to extending traffic reach as well as providing some good support with heavy websites.


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Cloud Hosting

If you’re looking for some website solutions for a discounted rate here is my recommendations. Here you have platforms that you can scale see which ones would benefit you. Go ahead and check it out.

Free web domain

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Site Rubix

A domain name should be at the top of your list when considering to create a website. Besides your site does need a name right.

Now when considering a FREE domain name, you may have to start with what is called a sub-domain. I started with a sub-domain myself until I was fully confident about the outcome of my website as well as what I wanted the name to reflect.

A sub-domain is just going to have your domain name followed by a company name and usually a .com extension.

Top page builder for WordPress

Page Builder

Page builders are great tools to get you started for those of you who are nontechies and in need of a fast solution.


Elementor is an easy to use page builder that allows you to create beautiful responsive web designs without using a single line of coding.

I recommend this platform to anyone and everyone the platform is always consistently updated with new features and I love it!
Elementor is FREE to use, but if you have Elementor Pro, you get so much more features.

Keyword SEO Tools


Jaaxy is a FREE platform that allows users to search for keywords that are highly-rated on search engines. Keywords are extremely important for your website since it allows for an extended reach in the online space.

Other keywords searches are well known as well, but my favorite is Jaaxy. It feels more comfortable to navigate your way through.
I wrote a post on more keywords here but if you are looking for a pro version that has good value then check out Jaaxy.

Best Spell Checker


I live by this platform. As writer and Technical Builder Grammarly has saved my life in so many ways from punctuation and any grammatical errors.

It displays a set of goals that you want to accomplish, and some read time as well. This platform is beneficial they have a FREE version and a Pro version I personally have the pro version and did I said I love it?

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