Highest Paying Affiliate Programs

Affiliate marketing is becoming more popular over the years because of the benefits of creating a lucrative online business.

Not only has affiliate marketing become popular but more and more companies are offering affiliate programs so bloggers can promote their products or services.

The beautiful thing about affiliate marketing is that it allows you to earn residual income and financial freedom.


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What is affiliate marketing for?

Affiliate marketing online is the best way to digitally market products or services from different companies.

The more traffic you gain on your site the higher your chances are increasing sales. You receive a commission on every sale which over time once your site is established can be very significant.

You are going to be the expert on whatever products or services you are promoting. Example if you talk about a specific topic like coffee.

This subject can be very profitable because there are about 400 million Americans that drink coffee on a daily basis.

Now you create a website solely on coffee products and talk about all the different types of coffee and where they are originated from. People will buy coffee anywhere anytime any place! I sometimes purchase my Keurig Bustelo cups from Amazon.

About highest paying affiliate programs

Many people that become affiliate marketers or bloggers aren’t very successful at it because they don’t have the necessary tools they needed to succeed.

I was once in that situation where I wanted to learn more about monetizing my sites and working from home.

This was my original thought process for wanting start, everyone has his or her own different reasons for online marketing.

Trying to find the information that I needed was extremely limited. There’s a lot of money to be made in this industry if done correctly.

However, you have to be smart and the payout structure has to make sense.

It is important to become successfully but equally important to value what you bring to the table.

I am not saying to change your niche because you don’t want to write about something that you are not passionate about.

Rocket Ship

How to make 100K in one year! With WA

This is one that I would recommend because of the high payout.

The program works like this… As a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you pay $49.99 a month and have access to create a website with hosting, domain,  live tutorials and more.

When someone signs up as your referral you receive $23.50 per sign up every month as long as their member continues.

Again to sign up is $49.99 a month $19.99. Click here to see what you get with the membership.  ,

For example, let’s say you refer 18 people a day to sign up for the program.

Remember the program benefits everyone because they will have all the necessary tools to succeed in the online business industry.

This includes step by step lessons on how to properly build your site and all you need to know about keyword search, customization etc. Even if you created one website you still have everything you need to succeed.

Ok, let me get back on track! you refer 18 people and on average 12% of members become premium so let’s do the math.

If 12% out of 18 is 2.16 let’s round it off to 2. If 2 members sign up that’s 2×30 days in a month is 60 members. SO… now let us say $23.50×60 members = $1,410 in a month in commissions and this is repeating itself every month that you sign up members which will amount to $8,405 a month if you continued with 2 !!!! AAAEEEE THAT’S $100,860 for the year.

Some people do a lot more than that. And the better your site gets established the more traffic you gain with even higher commissions.

So it looks like this

$1,410* 1= $1,410 / 1st month

$1,410* 2 =$2,820/ 2nd month

$1,410* 3= $4,230/ 3rd month

$1,410* 4= $5,640/ 4th month

$1,410* 5 =$7,050/ 5th month

$1,410 *6= $8,460 / 6th month Remeber it was 2.16 so that’s why its a little off

refferal chart


Now IMAGINE if you did 50 referrals a day? And 12% signed up that’s 6 people a day on a 6-month average that’s $22,398 a month.

I mean over time with the number of people searching the internet it’s definitely achievable.

pay chart

Money for a rainy day
Look at all that money you’ll have for a rainy day…


Sign up for their affiliate program here:

The SixFigure Mentor

Six Figure Mentors have an affiliate program that allows you to advertise their product with no membership involvement.

The Sixfigure mentors is an online marketing program that can pay out up to $8,000. Not too shabby! Now their memberships are much higher prices than the other online marketing courses going all the way up to $2500 per year sign up.

The platform helps people create online businesses with their video tutorials and document uploads that you can read over.

What I don’t like about it too much is that it’s not as engaging as other programs but some individuals probably prefer it that way.

I read a lot of good things about the program and many affiliates do promote their services.

There are different membership options that you can choose from but normally it starts off at $25 a month.

They also have a 30-day free trial I mean you really don’t have anything to lose.

The downside to that is you need to enter your credit card information to get started.

Here is some of what you will receive as a member of The Six Figure Mentor

  • Live support
  • Step by Step program
  • The website set up
  • Help market the internet


$20 a month when a member continues their membership

$100 for the $100 package

$1000 for the one reinvested in this level.

six figure

Website: Sigfugurementors.com

Sign up for affiliate program here:


 Motor Club Of America- Not Just An Emergency Road Service

What’s interesting about Motor Club Of America is that not only does it guarantee reliable roadside assistance but there’s also a really well paid out referral program.

I heard of MCA in the past and wanted to see what all the hype was about so I decided to join and become a member.

So basically it works like this. For $20 a month you have these really cool perks such as 24/7 unlimited roadside assistance up to 100 miles of your choice and $100 reimbursement. In addition to that, you receive these services listed below.

  • Battery Boost
  • Fule Delivery
  • Tire Change
  • Lockout service
  • Discounts on hotels and car rentals
  • Personal Hospital stays benefit and more…

I mean there is so much involved in this program which is why I provided the video below to help you learn more about the benefits it provides.

Now let’s talk about the referral program. The referral program is simple! You sign up it’s a starting fee of $40 whether you want to do the referral or not.

The company takes the first and the last month of service. Now when you refer a someone to the program you receive an $80-$90 payout!  not to shabby right? So whenever anyone goes to your website and uses your link then you receive $80 weekly.

What I, like about the program is that if your referral generates a lead under them then you receive commision for that and so on and so forth. So you are receiving residual income.

Very similar to Wealthy Affiliate only difference is this is for roadside assistance and WA is for websites and marketing. So there’s a market out there for everyone.

Personal sale $80-$90

Generation sales 2=$6.00

Generation sales 3=$1.32

Generation sales 4=$0.66

After a while, this stuff starts adding up. I mean it’s like promoting ads on Facebook or any social media.


How to create a good website and succeed in the online space

new product image laptop

You create a good website by following these key components.

  • Navigation

Make sure someone can navigate through your site, why have a site when someone doesn’t understand it?

  • Good content

Make sure your content is grammar free and easy to read. No tiny fonts

  • Responsive design

This will allow for mobile view and resize pictures depending on screen size

  • Engaging with your audience

Google wants to see that your site serves a purpose in their space so make sure you encourage your readers to comment.

  • Keyword search

This is also important because how do you know what people are searching for? or what’s the competition like?

For example here is a keyword tool that I use called Jaaxy. You have 30 keywords search for free and their monthly price is $19 BUT it’s included in the Wealthy Affiliate membership.


jaaxy examplekeyword search

Here is an example of how keyword search works. You type in your topic of discussion.

I researched how to grow coffee? Now as you can see on average for that specific keyword about 309 people are looking to grow coffee. If your site was one of the higher ranking sites you will gain about 53 people visiting your site a month and the 100 QSR represents the number of competitors. This is just an example, you can mix up the words to get a higher search on average. I wrote a post specifically for keyword search, you can check it out here.




  • Social media

Since I started my online business I promote more and socialize less. Even if you’re not into social media it helps because your followers see this and like your content and share it with others.

Who Is Affiliate Marketing for?

Anyone that is motivated and influenced to post!

Not everyone can spend hours at a time in front of a computer creating content for a product or service to promote.

However, there are some really good benefits on affiliate marketing such as gaining residual income as I mentioned.

That’s my favorite part! the key is to have great content and products that people want to buy. I

have discovered through many different writers, bloggers, web designers, etc that affiliate marketing is done by people of all ages.

College students who want to pay for school or have extra spending money. Stay at home moms that want to supplement their income and stay full time with the kids.

Retiree, individuals that are no longer working and want to also supplement their income as well. People like me that want to work for themselves and have that financial freedom.

Hard work pays off

light bulbs lifted from guy

Again many of these elements come down to good content, SEO, keyword search, consistency, niche, etc. I started in the online space in October 2017 and honestly,

I wish I would’ve done it sooner. However, I have been very dedicated to my site and it helps me to help others.

This is why I created a this solely so I can teach people about creating a website, monetizing your site, digital marketing, and a lot of different fundamentals that make a good affiliate marketer.

Not only is this something that I am passionate about but just knowing that I can help others is therapeutic to me in itself.

This motivates me into wanting to do more and create more content. In addition to that, I am preparing myself for long-term income. I know now how I can make that $8,000 a month because of the tools that I used that are helping me get there.


Imagine you wrote a ton of articles to put yourself in the online space. Google indexed your site, you’re gaining more traffic and people are purchasing the products or service you are promoting? while spending 3 months in Spain! Why? because you can do this from anywhere, anytime and any place.

I have been able to network with a lot of people that are making a living from this and treat this as their full-time job.over.

I reach out to these entrepreneurs when I need advice or help which also allows me to move forward. So where can you find affiliate marketers in one space? That’s why I joined the Wealthy Affiliate program because you get real support from real people and you see real results.

If you are serious about creating an online business you have to treat this as your part-time job in the beginning!


Can you make money online without doing affiliate marketing?

money on my mind

Yes, you can! sell your stuff online things that you don’t need. Or go to the garage sale and purchase items to resell at a higher cost.

Make some bath salts, create a lipstick, do some content writing for others, bake some brownies the clean ones 🙂  etc,

Now if your thinking about those get rich quick schemes or sit at home and advertise vacation packages from your phone?

Then you may want to do some more research on that. Yes, they can be legit however there are very little programs that actually are.

I  was curious one day and did some research on several programs that were being promoted. I wanted to see for myself if I can make thousands of dollars!

If I did you wouldn’t be reading this post haha! :). I joined tons of business groups from Facebook and ended up reaching out to some people just so I can understand what they were doing and here is what I found.


Scenario 1:

I PM this woman that was advertising make $600 a day and the first thing she asked when she responded was are your credit cards maxed? HMMM Why would I give you that information? She said I will pay it for you and show you how I make money online! Umm no THANK YOU, WEIRDO! Why would anyone in their right mind do that?

Scenario 2:

I reached out to another party and was asked for $50 and said I will receive $200 once it’s my turn.

My turn for what?! I honestly didn’t get the whole concept of it so that one was a miss. If you don’t understand it chances are it’s not good!


Scenario 3:

I took it a step further and actually called someone out on their bluff saying that he makes 700,000 a year just posting on Facebook. Really? I will leave my job right now! I then asked for testimonials.

Do you have proof that you have helped people purchase castles? “In my sarcastic tome” since that’s what it sounded like to me wouldn’t you agree?.

All I was able to see on his page was him flashing money but did not see a single person recommending or thanking him.

On the contrary, someone commented that they were not any seeing results.

He tried to prove his innocence and showed me pictures of the money he was receiving on PayPal! Ok but that doesn’t say anything and it definitely didn’t look like 700,000 dollars.

Listen I am not saying that all of this online money making programs are all scams but just be more mindful.

You’ll be surprised how many people fall into the trap! and I am just like why? I guess common sense is not that common. 

P.S There are tons of testimonials from real people on WA you can view them here 

Difference between a Blog and Affiliate Marketing.

When you write a blog you are basically writing about your personal experience in life, your dog, your pool, how great your day was because you ate some empanadas whatever.

I see travel bloggers that blog about different countries they visited and make recommendations that are pretty cool.

The way that they profit from this is usually through Google Adsense, or affiliate marketing like Amazon or eBay by making recommendations on a certain restaurant or camping bags, or the best cameras’ I see giveaways are huge and help gain more traffic.

Also, bloggers usually request to sign up for their programs and pay several hundreds of dollars to master the blogging capital.

Since they have already been successful in this space they can actually show you how they did it which is similar to what we are talking about now. Of course with affiliate marketing your promoting someone else’s products or services and that’s all you talk about on your site.

Example: I talk about computers and creating websites this is something that I am passionate about and it’s resourceful because people need websites for personal or businesses to get started.

So if you decide to sign up with Wix, Bluehost, GoDaddy, Wealthy Affiliate make sure you have understood the payout structure.

man and woman

Host multiple sites

Now, remember when you are considering starting an online business you want to consider the cost of domains, hosting, SEO, anti-virus, bandwidth etc.

Then you want to consider a company that will provide you with all services under one umbrella. It just makes it a lot easier for you to manage.

I use the WA program for all my sites because it allows me to create up to 50 sites if I wanted to.

With the membership hosting, domain, SEO, good bandwidth size, also help to choose your nice is all included for $49 a month oo and keyword search when that in itself is $19 a month.

Imagine you wanted to create an e-commerce site? the hosting alone can be over $25. that’s not including the other components that you need to make a successful site.

I talk more in-depth about the program in my post how to monetize your site and how to build a website for free.

Not only with the WA can you host multiple sites but it also includes step by step training on how you can create a professional looking website.

In addition to that, you receive cool perks like credits for domain purchase if you stay active within the live community and help out. You receive credits for comments that you post on other members sites.

This helps you achieve higher results in the search engine which is needed to build more traffic.


So, in essence, making good money in the online space ultimately depends on you!.

You have to invest in yourself if you want to be successful, always with how regularly you’re creating content and posting.

What you are marketing has a lot to do with your payout as I mentioned before. Nevertheless, the first thing you need to start as an affiliate marketer is a good website.

By creating a good website you are generally going to gain traffic which will help you generate more sales.

High paying affiliate programs are out there the good ones that will generate residual income for every member you sign up or every product or service you recommend.

Thank you for reading this and I wish you the best of luck in your online success and journey.



Rocket man


Thank you for reading and as always leave your comments below. What’s your favorite affiliate marketing program?



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  1. A very comprehesive post. My favorite
    is Wealthy Affiliate. I am really
    enjoying the step by step training,
    and like you have said, the support
    is next to none.

  2. I just clicked on your post to look for high affiliate programs and you have named the best one that I have ever
    worked with in all my time as an affiliate marketer…Wealthy Affiliate is not only the number 1 affiliate program to
    join but you can learn so much from the whole program in general with all the training they have and the very
    helpful members there that just can’t do enough for you. If anyone is reading this and hasn’t already joined
    Wealthy Affiliate, then I strongly suggest that you take the opportunity as quickly as you can. Thanks for
    reminding me about WA, I have been meaning to drop by to see what’s new there.

    1. Thank you Matt for reading 🙂 I am glad you enjoyed it. This is why I am so hyped about this because it truly does help with your online success.

  3. I have really been looking into affiliate marketing recently. Until recently I didn’t really know what it was all
    about. Thank you for sharing this post, it’s really detailed and thorough. I like how you break down how
    bloggers make money, that was always kind of a mystery to me. Well, this might just be the nudge I need to get
    started. I am not much of a techy person, and that is one thing that concerns me. Is there help available for
    complete newbies?

    1. Hi, Steve thank you for reading my post. I can relate to your concerns because I was once in your shoes. What I like about the WA is that there is step by step lessons to get you started. You can’t mess that up it literally is explained in detailed. Also, there is live support 24/7 from our members which is what made me sign up originally because I didn’t feel like I received the support I needed with other programs. The beautiful thing about it is that it’s free to try so you don’t have to take my word for it. Anyone can see for themselves. Thank you for reading 🙂

  4. I consider this platform, however, I wonder about competition accuracy while I am searching for a keyword. How
    accurate is this keyword planner? I know there are many low-quality keyword planners and don’t get the job
    done. What are your experiences with it?

    1. Hi, Furkan so in order for you to be higher ranked on search engines there are some factors to consider besides keyword search. Good content, how much you engage with your readers, the niche you choose and the most important one frequency. Google or any other search engine wants to ensure that you’re in this for the long haul. As far as keyword searches I use Jaaxy and it’s worked well for me considering I wrote this post today and you were able to find it. 🙂 Now Jaaxy just like any other keyword search is associated with a fee for $19 a month or $49 for a higher tier. However, its included in the Wealthy Affiliate program. So you have everything you need to be successful in the online business. Hope this helps also remember it’s free to try so please use my link and if you need any help drop me a line on my profile.

  5. What a comprehensive guide! I’ve seen many affiliate programs throughout the years but one that truly stands
    out is Wealthy Affiliate. $23.50 per month is HUGE. So let me get this straight, I just need to send people
    through my link and if they continue to be a paying member, I keep making profits? And I let Wealthy Affiliate do
    the groundwork for me? Cheers for your help.

    1. Yes Brandon when you want to start a blog , a or do any affiliate marketing you need a website. So why not direct them to your WA link . It’s a great program that benefits everyone. 🙂

  6. I love how well you have explained the work it tak
    es to actually make money online! I have tried oth
    er programs but most didn’t even describe what t
    he process of making money online was in their in
    troduction! I can’t tell you how much time I wasted
    watching videos on those sites that were constant
    ly repeating the same message to me. Wealthy Af
    filiate is the only Online Program that has stayed t
    rue to its word on helping to teach individuals how
    to make money online! Thank you for sharing it in
    great depth, you will help many others follow their

  7. What a great informative post. Thank you for sharing! In my experience, I also believe WA is the best. I did start the Six Figures free-trial last year but did not continue due to they wanted me to pay more to get that, and even more to get this… Honestly, I really hate upsells. When you go premium in WA, then you are premium and have access to everything within the program.

  8. I really like how you wrote this
    post. I have been with Wealthy
    Affiliate for a little less than a
    month and I am confident that I will
    get the results that I am looking
    for. I also like that you recommend
    other ways of making money online
    such as Motor Club of America because
    I believe in looking for ways to
    bring in multiple streams of income.
    It is never wise to put your eggs in
    one basket so to speak so kudos to
    you for that. I learned a lot here.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Mike thank you for reading my post I completely agree. I believe in educating people with learning about various ways on making money online. I love the WA program because you can do so much more.

  9. Hey Viviana! MONSTER blog post! Very well researched and very comprehensive. Thanks for the good overview and personal recommendations. I’ve been around in the “making money online” space for a few years now, trying different things. I was a member in several communities and tried many different business models. And I agree: WA is the best so far. The community is kind and super helpful. I recently started every blog post, question and comment with the words “Hi Team!”, because it is the first time that a making-money-online-community gives me that feeling: We’re a family with a common goal. We don’t feel like competitors, because we know: There are enough opportunities for everyone out there! So why not conquer the internet together as a team!

    Thanks for that beautiful article,

    1. Hi Chris thank you so much for the comment I really appreciate that you took the time out to write and to acknowledge the fact that W A is in fact one of the best affiliate programs out there. I wish you the best of luck in your online adventure.

  10. Awesome post! I am glad that you explained WA (Wealt
    hy Affiliate), cause they are amazing!!! I also like how y
    ou compared them to other programs that are out there.
    Very informative! Thanks for the information.

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