How To Create A Business Page On Facebook- Free Online Courses

The time that most people spend on Facebook is the time that you will never ever get back!.

Hi, my name is Viviana and if you found my website chances are your researching on how to create an online Facebook business page so I here to give you some insight on that.

There are two great ways to engage on Facebook, One is to gain some friends and the other is to create business likes.

I want to talk to you a little bit about both, the benefits of having a personal and business engagements are simple, you need friends to give you business likes and you may want to separate the two to be a bit more organized.


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Facebook Should Be Your Personal Reach!

What I mean by that is your friends on Facebook should be people that you either know on a personal level or have become acquainted with somehow or some way.

While you are building friendships it’s always best to keep them apart from what you are trying to accomplish in your business life. Why?


Do you know those people that are constantly sending you games request? Yea it’s kind of annoying and spammy! So what happens? You lose some type of credibility because then no one wants to follow you or be a part of your network.

So you start getting unfollowed from your friends.


When you create a business Facebook page it gives people the opportunity to want to network with you and it also peeks their interest. Remember the saying there is always someone out there for you!?

Well, it’s the same in the online space, you will always find someone that will spark some interest in what you do no matter how weird you might think it’ll be.


If you love camping and you want to create a need or a solution for campers then chances are you will find quite a few campers out there looking for some explication to their problems.





Create A New Facebook Account-For Your Business

So the point is to keep your Facebook page separate from your personal page. You know in your personal page you seem to have some more engagement/ likes why? because you’re being yourself and it comes out naturally.


If I had a long day at work and had my boss on me constantly about a project how many people you think will relate to me? How many people had a long day at work? Or their bosses are being annoying?  Quite a few!

This becomes something that you can relate too.


Free Online Courses To Build Your Business Facebook Page

There are so many platforms that will assist you in creating an online Business Facebook page, Properly optimizing your social media will help with exposure and productivity.

The goal here is to have a clear and concise message of what your business is all about and what type of services or products you offer.

Remember you want to be in the business for educating as well as making money, without educating your clients how will they trust you?

The internet is the largest source of information and research on buying power.

And what I mean by this is that customers want to see reviews whether it’s good or bad. They will search all sorts of information related to the product or services that they are interested in.


The Inbound Methodology

Let’s talk about the inbound methodology, this method works on any business plan you have because the process is all the same.


Stranger into visitors: What does this mean exactly? Well in any given business you there are going to be consumers that are in the looking stage. What sets your business apart from other businesses? Are you trustworthy? Is this something your prospects can benefit from?


You want to be able to answer all of their questions as well as answer any questions or concerns.

You also want to be ready for some pushback if a prospect wants to hold off or needs more time to think about it, you want to be able to understand what are their motives for wanting to wait.

Is it the price? Is it because they don’t trust you or the product? Either way is to prepare for some discovery questions and answers.


Visitors into leads:

Now that you have discovered more about your prospects and built that trust essentially you want to turn them into leads. You have someone in the market for a software that uses artificial intelligence to forecast the market trade industry.

You want to show a demo or a proposal as to why is your product better? What resources do you have to back up your statement?


Leads into customers:

Your prospect purchases your product and now they are happy because it serves a purpose in their life good job! for mastering the inbound methodology strategy.


Customers to promoters:

Just as you see bad reviews of unhappy prospects you will also receive positive reviews as well. When does someone ask you where did you purchase your watch from?

Right there you are promoting that product. So you see how important it is to understand this process.


No matter what business you’re into you should always learn how to market.


Final Thoughts?

Now that you understand the importance of social engagement and how it can reflect positively or negatively on your business what changes would you make in regards to your marketing strategies?




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10 thoughts on “How To Create A Business Page On Facebook- Free Online Courses”

  1. Facebook is a very important business tool for many including myself. I use it to run business ads and share my blog posts and connect with my customers. Great post and I like all the free courses you offer. Thanks, Curtis

    1. HI Curtis thank you for that I want to create more exposure and educate people in creating personal branding in the online space 🙂 Thanks for stopping by

  2. Wow! I love how thorough you are in breaking down how online business and Facebook marketing works. Especially your section on Strangers-Visitors-Leads-Customers-Promoters. You helped me understand the process of it and made it easier for me to put it into action. Thank you for this post. I look forward to reading more.

  3. Oh, sometimes I think I will never figure out Facebook and how to optimize it for my business. This is great info. Actually your whole site looks like a goldmine for valuable info for home-based businesses. Thank you!

  4. I consider Facebook as one of my business tools. It is a great and subtle way to get my friends and family engaged with my online business. I do see them sharing and liking it, so its working! If anyone has not started a Facebook page for their online business, you really should!

    1. I agree with you I like the fact that I can engage with my audience through Facebook, family and friends are my biggest supporters as well. Thanks for stopping by please come again :).

  5. Thanks for this blog post. I’ve quite recently opened a business page on fb.
    Still in the process of figuring out how to really use it. This helps!

    1. Awesome Felix I was just like you when I first started I had no idea what I was doing. I did something that helped me along the way I did a Facebook 30 day challenge and I was able to learn so many things from just applying myself half an hour a day. Here is my page and thank you so much for reading. 🙂

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