How To Create A WordPress Website For Free

It can take some time and effort to create a website on WordPress especially if you are new to this platform.

The first website that I created on WordPress was a free site. I didn’t pay for hosting or a domain. Sucks then I have invested in hosting and domains to scale my businesses to the next level.

But for the sake of this article, I will educate you on how I got started.

If you are looking to build on your website long term then looking into investing some money won’t be a bad thing either.



STEP 1: Choose your website domain name

So maybe you already have a domain name in mind? Or maybe you are undecided on one? Either way, it has to get done right?

When choosing a domain name you want to make sure that it’s going to be something related to your niche website.

Create something memorable and catchy for your audience. Where they can be reminded where to refrence to if need be.

Create A Domain Name



STEP 2: Choose your hosting

Hosting is considered where your website document will live. In th,eory you can choose free hosting however you will be limited on customization.

However for the sake of this article lets continue with FREE.

I have used several hosting providers ones I didn’t have a very memorable experience with and the ones I have. So here are my recommendations.



What I like about BlueHost is I can use WordPress as their website builder. I also had good experience with their online support team.

I remember one day having an issue and the representative was able to compensate me and took care of what I needed.

Their plans would have to be paid on a yearly basis that might be their slight downfall but I don’t really see any major issue with that.

If you need more information on hosting read my post on (Hosting Reviews)

Wealthy Affiliate

What I like about Wealthy Affiliate is that you are able to coordinate two websites with free hosting. The price is $349 for the year similar to BlueHost if you were to go with an enterprise package.

What I like about WA is that you are also able to connect with like-minded people that are willing to invest the time in answering any questions you may have about the platform and your respectable niche.

Check out some of the platform perks here:






Go Daddy was known as a platform where you can purchase your domains from.  But since then Go -Daddy offers domain, hosting and WordPress as your website builder. You can purchase domains directly from Godaddy site or you can use one of the hosting platforms.




STEP 3: Choose a platform

There are many platforms out there that will allow you to create a website on WordPress for free. The question is which one would you choose?

Choose one that you are either familiar with or that you can maximize your learning experience.


Wealthy Affiliate

I use the Wealthy Affiliate for my hosting since It serves a huge purpose for me with having multiple sites and my freelancing.

How,ever you can use their free siterubix extension while using WordPress. I also like the flexibility of direct connecting with people at anytime.

So not only can you create a website with WA but you can learn different ways on how to market, gain organic traffic, social media channeling like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. In theory, it’s a social channel dedicated for online entrepreneurs looking to promote their brand , products , or services. And why not? The internet is the future :).



There are sections displayed on the right side of the dashboard where you can go through the different features that the platform has to offer. On some other event I will create a more informative post on Wealthy Affiliate but for now, I will stick to the subject :).

In theory, when you think about creating a website using WordPress you figure why not use their actual website?

While I did use WordPress directly there are no real benefits to using their platform other than their customer support. I have reached out directly with their support center and they are pretty helpful. However, if you are looking to learn this platform and need live 24/7 then maybe this might not be a good choice.


If you are reading this post then chances are you are not much of a developer so it won’t be as bothersome to you to need that information.



X10 Hosting

X10 hosting provides free hosting as well and the more you use it the lower the cost becomes. What I like about this platform is that you can receive support with PHP. Although there are so many plugins that you can use where there is no coding required it’s always good to know a little something :).


Free Web Hosting






Step 4: Customize your appearance







Brief menu overview

When you are first discovering the dashboard on your new WordPress site take some time to familiarize yourself with the menu. This will help you navigate your way through the platform a little easier.

I go over some functionalities on the menu on my post on “How to create a WordPress website Part 1 & 2 “

Posting/ Adding Content

Posting is going to be one of the most important documents yet. Remember everyone is going to be reading this on the internet. Well that’s the concept, right?

So ideally you want to make sure there are no grammar errors or any issues with headings or it not being SEO friendly since people can disown you relatively quickly for it, I know becasue I have happened to be on both sides of the spectrum.





Adding your plugins

When adding plugins be mindful on what kind you might need since numerous will depend on what kind of site you will be creating. However here are the ones I recommend you get started on.

  • EWWW Image Optimizer
  • Contact Form 7
  • WP Socializer

E-commerce sites:

  • Mail Chimp
  • WooCommerce



Still, Have Questions?

Join the Wealthy Affiliate FREE social channeling 

Join the Wealthy Affiliate social channel for FREE and see what you can discover from other like-minded people.

Remember when we learn together we grow together!

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14 thoughts on “How To Create A WordPress Website For Free

  1. Very down to earth explanation. I love it!

    WordPress is so simple to use and anyone can do it. Anyone from professional, intermediate experience, to beginners can certainly take advantage of both wealthy affiliate and wordpress. It just takes the right amount of effort!

    1. Hi, Gabriella thank you so much for visiting and commenting on my page I completely agree with your statement that with the right amount of effort you can definitely create a website using WordPress.

  2. I agree Wealthy Affiliate is the go-to program if you want to build your own site. Their training is great and very easy to follow along so no experience is required. And they also provide training on a lot of different things and just website creation. Thank you for sharing. Good luck!

  3. Hi Viv,

    Great post. I have been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for about 2 years I think. Maybe a little more. I love it. All you mention above is so true. There is so much free stuff and learning to create a wordpress website for free is certainly a big part of that, and its so easy haha!

    Love your website too. I read your story. Sorry it didn’t work out in the NYPD. I was a cop in Australia for many years and also became disillusioned and left. keep up the great work here.


    1. Thank you so much Kevin for your kind words I really appreciate it. Yes sometimes it’s a sign I truly believe in that 🙂

  4. Hi,
    I came across Wealthy Affiliate recently and actually started a free website with them. That guy on the videos does a good job teaching. I tried building a website before and it did not work out well, but he explained everything so simple. I am pleased with my free website with Wealthy Affiliate. I want to continue with the same website, but would like to change the domain name to .com. Can I do that on their platform?

    1. Hi Carol, yes you most certainly can purchase your own domain name instead of their subdomain that is provided. Thank you for visiting and good luck to you!

  5. Great article on building a WordPress website on Wealthy Affiliate’s platform. It really is the best. I have built websites on my own and it can cause a lot of grief. The support is so awesome at WA as well. Thank you!

  6. Hi Viviana!
    Thanks very much for publishing a great article on how anyone can build a WordPress website using Wealthy Affiliate’s platform. I quite agree with you that anyone wishing to build a website, Wealthy Affiliate platform is a better place to start with.
    I have already built my first website through their training and support team and it is working fine. I would recommend others to give this platform a try, I am sure they won’t regret.

    1. HI Tito I appreciate your honest feedback I completely agree after doing some extensive research on other hosting prices and website builders this one by far has the best value 🙂 Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts 🙂

  7. Thanks for the insightful article Viviana! I’m a member of Wealthy Affiliate and can confirm that it is a pretty simple process to get your wordpress site up and running. Just takes some basic following of directions really.

    I do have a question for you. After you started at WA how long did it take for you to actually start making money?

    1. Hi Jon thank you for stopping by I actually started making money that same month but it was mainly through online exposure for my freelancing gig with content writing and web development but for affiliate marketing probably took me about 3 months to start seeing something. 

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