How To Start A Blog And Make Money!

Learning how to start a blog and make money takes time and effort to accomplish. There are some primary responsibilities that you want to focus on when choosing what kind of topic to write about including determining your audience.

Here I am going to go over some important and valuable information that will help you get started the right way.

Why Do I Educate You?

I create a post like these to help you get started in the online industry. In addition to that, I create an informative post, so my clients understand my process and how I connect my information with other relevant services that I provide.

Also, I mentor and guide a small group of people and walk them through the process of creating, building and designing a successful blog post.

Your Goals

The goal is to create meaningful content to get readers engaged to the point where they will read your post.
That’s the first step!

The second step is to optimize it with important keywords that help the majority of readers solve a problem or answer a question. Regardless of what it is, it has to be something that will benefit them from reading your post. It has to be a solution to a problem.

The third step is to monetize it with products related to your niche also known as your topic of choice. For example, let’s say you are a lover of earth you love to grow organic vegetables that’s just your thing.

Write a compelling story

You write a compelling story on why you love to grow organic vegetables share some of your personal experiences and then go ahead and recommend solutions. Your recommendations should be related to what you already have knowledge of or something that you have used in the past that also benefited you.

If you are interested in reading more about how to create a successful blog post then follow this link!


Primary Types of Responsibilities When Blogging.

Now I love me a good reading; this is one of my favorite platforms on learning about various topics. Some of these topics include marketing, web design, blogging, campaigns I mean you can look over thousands of tutorials.

Udemy is one of my favorite learning programs not only that, but HubSpot is also a great learning tool if you want to scale your business to the next level. I had some time to look over the HubSpot’s video tutorial on Content Marketing so click below on the picture to see the full video for FREE 


Now when you think about How To Start A Blog And Make Money! you have to prioritize and collect your thoughts properly and strategically.

Some of the primary types of responsibilities I learned through HubSpot Academy is creating a content strategy. Ask yourself some questions like…

  1. What do you want your blog to be about?
  2. Are you passionate about the topic?
  3. What resources have you encountered to reference and show people how you came about these conclusions?
  4. Where can you start creating your post or blog?

Join Affiliate Programs

This one is probably a giving if not then let me tell you what I mean. Joining an affiliate group is going to allow you to create blog post related to their products or services. In turn, you received payouts, merchandise or some form of incentive for repping their products or services.
I choose specific affiliates related to websites and or computers since this is a website focused solutions site.
Some excellent ones out there with high payouts are platforms like Wealthy Affiliate,  Amazon Associates, etc.
Not every affiliate program is created equally make sure you stick to one that closely matches your niche.
If you want to learn more about relevant programs, then check out this article by Kyle. He talks about the best relevant affiliate programs you can choose.

Create a Blueprint

When I say create a blueprint I mean create a plan! Write down all the information that you have in your head so this way you can start composing something to get down on paper. Remember learning how to start a blog and make money first comes with the learn how the create a blog.

Writing                                                         Editing                                Designing Coordinating

Remember not only writing is going to get your readers to want to engage in your blog post but also editing. You ever heard of the term proper grammar is sexy? I think I read that somewhere but anyway the point I am trying to make is to make sure your grammar is correct.

Having improper words, phrases or missed punctuations can cost you plenty of readers. I have been guilty of committing such crimes, but I have programmed myself to read and read and re-read my post before publishing.


What I currently use for my blog post.

Of course, I have a website, domain, hosting, etc but here I want to show you some of the tools that I used or am using to better succeed in my business blog post.

Website Functions

For hosting, domains, tutorials, blogging I use the Wealthy Affiliate platform the best thing is you can try it for free so you can test it out.

For my content writing, I use for all of my content creations. I use this because it helps with punctuations, misspelled words, shows passive sentences. You also get suggestions on what you should write if there is something that appears to be out of place. I love it, and I stick by it all the time

I have created a Facebook business page to reference some of my teachings in addition to giving you the best solutions for your blogging business.

If you want to learn how on better solutions then get started HERE!



You must learn how to create a succesful blog post before you can get started on making money online.

I would recommend searching for companies that you want to become affiliates with that will help you create more compelling stories. Stories or blogs that will tie together and make sense to the reader because at the end of the day people buy from people.

Thank you for reading my story and please don’t forget to comment below and tell me is there something that you would like me to write about?



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7 thoughts on “How To Start A Blog And Make Money!”

  1. Great information! I’m going to follow your advice and create a blueprint. If I brainstorm and write down everything I can think of as possible topics, I may discover ideas I didn’t know I had in me.

  2. Wow, I love it, I have been wanting to start making money online since long time, it took me some time to arrive to the right place for me, I joined wealthy affiliates this month and working everyday to learn the valuable information offered while feeling loved to be among such a great community
    When I stated I was so bummed on what topics and what niche I can work on, I gradually discovered that there are various topics I spent my life learning about on the side, that I’m passionate about without even paying attention, food and travel as examples

    Thank you for sharing this


    1. Hi, Amer thank you so much for your warm comments please let me know if you have any questions that I may be able to help you with 🙂 Thanks again for stopping by 🙂

  3. Great post Viviana. I’ve been learning how to make money blogging, but never really had all the steps like you laid out. I’m a huge fan of Wealthy Affiliate, the strength of the platform from their hosting, training, and community is by far the best platform out there to make money blogging. Keep up the great information! I appreciate it.

  4. Viviana – this is super fantastic and especially great for beginnings. You have clearly laid down a guide and plan. The beginning of your post is definitely the key in a nut shell….creating a topic, optimize it with keywords and then monetize it with some recommendations. One key point you mentioned is to utilize personal stories. I have heard this before, and totally forgot about this concept. Thanks so much for the reminder. I think that’s awesome that you have a facebook group too that you help and train others. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to great things here for you…..and looking forward to reading more of your content. 🙂

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