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Linkedin Cold Outreach Messages- Increase Your Conversion and Get More Prospects!

Understanding how to create Linkedin cold outreach messages could drastically improve your communication with your network. There are over 300 million active users on Linkedin looking for new opportunities to extend their digital reach.

Linkedin has become a way for others seeking careers, freelancing, implementing innovative ideas, and more. Linkedin, just like any other social media platform, is a great way to connect with like-minded people.


What I appreciate about Linkedin is that it takes me one step closer to achieving my business goals. In this post, I will be sharing with you some great tips on how I attract new clients and help create a long term sales funnel using  Linkedin cold outreach messages.

Understand your ideal client

Ideally, you want to know what kind of clients you are trying to attract. If you are selling a cleaning service, then chances are you don’t want your ideal client to be a teenager. Most of your clients would be working parents or young adults that can benefit from this.

The same concept goes into searching for a potential client on Linkedin. For instance, selling baked goods to someone that owns a bakery. Instead of going that approach pay attention to details and, improvise on how you can collaborate with that person.

Now once you discover who your ideal clients are, then you will have a better understanding of how to approach them through cold messaging. Check out their profile and see if you share similar interests or connections; this will help you spark up a conversation.

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Linkedin cold outreach messages dos and don’ts

When connecting with people on Linkedin, you want to ensure you are creating value out of that discussion. Remember, there is still a person on the other end, so don’t deter them from having a meaningful conversation with you.


  1. Don’t send spammy links
  2. Don’t pressure your connection to join a group
  3. Send any misleading information on your products or services
  4. Constant unnecessary messages
  5. Write unnecessary titles to your messages
  6. Share pre-written cold templates
  7. Coming across as demanding or desperate


  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Get to the point
  3. Say thank you

Let’s face it, would you like someone to keep contacting you with unrelated or irrelevant information? People want to connect with real people that would add value to their network.

Linkedin cold outreach messages examples

Just like any other job you have to connect with people in order to spark their interest in a product or service that you provide. Here are some examples of Linkedin cold outreach messages that you can try.

Example # 1: Hi, Ms client; I hope your week is off to a great start!. I’m curious to associate myself with you and see if you can benefit from the services I provide?  It will allow you to focus on nurturing other professional relationships and extend your reach and create new opportunities for yourself.  Feel free to reach out anytime and check out my profile to see if I can help in any way.

Kind Regards, Sender


What I like about this statement is that you asked a question, and you offered the opportunity for collaboration.

Example # 2 Hi Mr.Client, thank you so much for connecting with me and helping me grow my network. ? What exactly is it that you do? I would love to collaborate and share ideas with you in the future.


Asking an open-ended question such as what the person does gives both of you the opportunity to learn about each other. People love to tell you what kind of value they can add to your research or what they have a passion for.

Want to connect with me on Linkedin? Check out my profile here

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Know your buyers purchasing stages

Understanding your buyer’s purchasing stage can be crucial to your companies success. You want to know why your clients are not buying or what are their intentions at that given moment. Are your clients shopping around?

Are they waiting for a specific time or event to buy? Maybe they aren’t convinced that your product or service would help them solve a problem?

Whatever the case is, it would benefit you to understand what process your client is in so you can know when to reconnect with them.


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When to reconnect- staying in touch

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Now that you understand your buyers purchasing stage, you will then have an idea of when and how to reconnect with them. Connecting with your clients prematurely may cause you a sale.

What I like to do is send a follow-up email asking my clients how can I support and help them achieve some of their goals.
I want people to know that I am in the market to help not to sell.


Based on my discoveries, referrals play a crucial role in how you nurture and strengthen relationships with your customers. So make sure you are building those relationships wisely.

People like to feel that you genuinely care and that you will be there to support them every step of the way.

Encourage your clients to follow your other social platforms

The average person has at least two different social media channels that they have interactions with. Encouraging your clients to follow you on other social channels will help you gain more exposure, and potential long-term sales funnel. You also want to be adaptable to how different people prefer to interact online.



I hope that this post added some value to your research when it comes to getting new clients and Linkedin cold outreach messaging. If you have another preferred method on how to connect with people, please share them on the comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts.




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