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More and more people are discovering new ways on how to work for themselves without the struggles of a 9-5.

Why is that? Well, times are changing and people are becoming more dependant on the internet to answer any questions they may have about various subjects.

We all do it pretty much on a daily basis which gives us more opportunities to work from home or have online business ideas.

Why I decided to make a change

I was at the point in my life sometime last year where changes in the workplace were drastic.

Not only was I relocated from my hometown to the company I work for but also their goal expectations became unrealistic.

Now the relocation was by choice but I am so happy I did that because it motivated me to do more.

I have already exhausted my skills set at my job. It was good while it lasted.

Good benefits and flexibility as far as if you need some time off here and there but the countless 10 – 12 hours a day wasn’t cutting it anymore. I felt like I was working more for less money.

That’s when I decided to research small business ideas and working from home jobs.

Now when you want to start something it is going to take time and consistency to see results.

I know a lot of people want to make money right away when starting a business but the fact is those are unrealistic goals as well.


Now when thinking about a small business idea think about something that you enjoy and that you’re good at.

I mean seriously what’s the point of doing something you don’t like. If your good at baking then start a business idea where it requires your baking skills.

I know a lot of people that don’t have the education they might want to have or maybe they just don’t like school period but that doesn’t mean you can’t do something for yourself.

I remember going to school for the occupational studies of information technology.

I went to school for about 7 years earned my Masters which was a great accomplishment for me. I was always into technology and programming. However,

I was stuck in the same position without any opportunity for advancement because it’s all about who you know unfortunately and not what you know.


Being a female in the IT industry is something that’s not very common, to say the least.

I remember applying for a position that I wanted and had all the credentials for it but someone else beat me to it.

A gentleman with no prior coding experience but I ended up just brushing it off since there’s nothing I can really do.

In any event, as the years past, I became good at creative writing. I did some professional resume writings for families and friends and kept thinking to my self I know I can do more. Then I said well I am good at writing and web designing why not just focus on that, so I did.

I was able to use those skills set and do freelance web design which actually made some decent money.

I then wanted something for my future where I can have residual income coming in. That’s when I decided to do affiliate marketing along with my side gig as a web designer.

I am also a UI developer which takes web designing to a different level with coding.

Top 10 small business ideas- No experience required

Once I decided to go with what I was good at I then created this website how to make money in your sleep so I can show people how to start an online business.

Considering things like starting a blog or creating a website would help people get started somewhere. Now, why did I pick online business?

Because the amount of the audience you can connect with is so large that it will benefit you in the future.

Here are some small business ideas that you can start with and see where it grows.


-Internet marketing- This is something that I talk about a lot because the internet is the future and it’s the way of the world.

Computers are taking over and more and more people are dependent on online search.


-Cleaning Service- This starter company you cannot get wrong like seriously.

I disliked cleaning my own house because that’s the last thing on my mind after working a 12-hour shift. I remember telling my coworker that I have a cleaning lady and it was the best thing in the world.

She decided to hire someone to clean her house as well and she absolutely loved it.

I know this lady that came from Cuba speaks no English and came to the US picked up a few clients started her business and now is making over 100 k a year just working a few hours a day.

NOTE:  if your Latino don’t tell your mom you have a cleaning lady she will crucify you. Just saying   

-Nutrition Coach- Ever see people selling Herbal life or Shakeology? I hope you have because they are everywhere.

I actually have tried both programs, with consistency and following the program it does work. One of the main subjects that people search for online is food and health.

I see people ask questions like how to meal prep in minutes or how to lose weight in 15 days.

I mean it’s not that specific but you get the point. Once you build a good amount of clientele you can always create new ideas on healthy nutrition and maybe even create your own protein shake. I am just blabbing examples but you get the point.

-Photographer- Pull out your selfie skills and make it into something you can convert to money.

No your not going to take selfies of your self haha. But there are companies out there that hire people to take pictures of houses for reality companies that get you $100 or more a pop.

That’s awesome! even if your not like a professional photographer people are looking for convenience and affordable prices.

Start something small and then eventually grow your business and make a name for yourself.

Eventually, you’ll be the person everyone goes to for services.


-Cookie/ Baking business- I like this topic because a lot of people that I know say things like oo I can’t find a job or I am not good at computers, or I don’t have a college education.

That’s excuses people ! doesn’t matter what stage in life you’re in there is always something you can do.


-Logo Designer/ Art- Have a creative eye for drawing or art? You know that you can sell a logo design for hundreds of dollars? Yea I know its crazy right? Because people want you to do the research and the certain things for them. It’s so easy to create a logo and you can put any price just like web design.


-Web Design-  This is something I do on the side as a freelancer and it has been good for me. Not a lot of people are willing to learn the Word Press platform or have a passion for coding.

Yea there are a lot of websites that are relatively easy to create with easy to use drag and drop menus. However, if you’re looking for a more professional appearance people tend to hire web designers.


-DJ- People are always looking to celebrate which is something that makes us happy and validated.

The average DJ can charge from $100 to a few hundred a night, which ends up being what 3 to 4 hours? I know a lot of people in New York City which is where I am from that do house parties on the side or as a full-time business and are always making money.


-Baby Sitter/ Day Care services- For those stay at home mommies that think they can’t benefit from a stay at home job or create a business idea because of their always home.

The average caretaker makes around $600- $100 a month just have 4 or 5 of them little suckers running around and your good to go.

-Clown services-  I know this is so random but it’s a good side gig or even if you’re wanting to do it full time.

But parents pay top dollar for these things to keep their little ones entertained and make it memorable.

Work at home ideas


There is no doubt as to why this topic often comes up, why? because more and more people are wanting to work from home and build that financial freedom. But I don’t mean like work from home where you are being monitored to be stuck by your computer 24/7 no no no! What’s the point of that! I mean like work from home on your own time whenever you want however you want.


– Writing Services- I actually did this as a side gig and I recently became one of the authors of You basically pick an article that you want to write about and get paid for it. You typically start off with a 2 rating then you end up increasing your rating to a 5 so you can get paid more for your work.   











-Arts and Crafts- I know a few people that make baby baskets or party baskets and sell them online, to schools, neighbors etc. If you have an eye for artsy stuff then this might be the right gig for you.


-Sell stuff on eBay or Amazon- Need to get that clutter out of your house? Why not sell them online? eBay and Amazon offer these services for free where they will allow you to create an account and communicate with buyers that are looking for a good deal on new and used products,

Of course there might be a small fee involved in this but that doesn’t take away from the fact that you can do this from the comfort of your own home.


Nowadays more and more companies are offering remote from home jobs because everything is pretty much done online.

The company saves money by not having to pay expenses and upkeeps on an office building and you save money by not commuting to work. Or even better not having a supervisor down your throat 24/7.

Listen to anything that you do is going to take time. Remember the saying Rome wasn’t built in a day.


Business ideas for men

I find that a small search goes into finding business ideas for men but I figure why not throw some thoughts out there for the men out there that are interested.

-Lawn services- I live in the state of Florida and I know a few people making a killing off of these services.

All you really need is a van for your equipment and clients. I see a lot of people advertising their businesses on social media.


-TV Repair/ Mounting services- There are a lot of companies that offer this as an extra fee for just about anything. What don’t I get about it is that let’s say you purchase an extended warranty on a flat screen for an additional 2 years but then something happens after the 2 years then what?

Mounting a tv on a wall let’s say can profit between $50-$300 depending on the tv and what needs to be mounted


-Pool cleaning/ maintenance- This is super easy to do I literally have a pool guy that we pay $75 every two weeks and he comes once a week for like 30 minutes at a time. I’m telling you where there is a will there is away.

I know that many of these topics are pretty much obvious but these are subjects that people look for.

Sometimes we just want to hear it from someone else other than yourself for validation.

Why should you start an online business?


Honestly why not? you can start a small online business on something that you have a passion for. Example, I have a huge passion for computers and technology so I decided why not create a website on that. I show people how they can create an online blog or business and what is the starting point.

-Work when you want- Yes you basically work whenever you want and how you want. No one telling you how to do your job! and you’re your own boss.

-Access to a world online market- Yes this is huge you basically have access to your business all over the world with the web. You gain a much more traffic and you recruit people that come to your site so as long as you keep your content fresh and updated.

-Create long-term financial security- Definitely something we should all be looking into when creating sites and getting into affiliate marketing. This can have a huge impact on your financial future and you can even earn residual income from it.



Now that you have some information on online businesses make sure that you take advantage of this information to help with your decision making.

Working for yourself has never been easy but the rewards are definitely worth a try.

If there is something you would like me to talk about or have any questions please comment below and I will be happy to help.


Want to get started with an online business opportunity?





10 thoughts on “Small Business Ideas”

  1. Hi , I am trying to build my website online so I can also have financial freedom and be able to be a stay at home mommy. Its really hard, its not easy and ebay and amazon are pretty hard to get started because you have to build trust and reputation. LOL funny how you say not to tell your mom you will hire a clearning lady if you are latino ( I am! ) so I get that. But you have a great list of ideas!!

    1. Hi, Sophia thank you for commenting I try to add some humor so I don’t sound so dry lol. But yea it’s definitely not easy I am still learning a lot of things along the way. So it’s good because I can share with everyone on my experience with my online journey. 🙂

  2. Hi I strongly believe that a 9-5 jobs are death sentence. Keep you so occupy that you ca t soend it with your loved ones that matter the most. They are wide range of jobs that require no experience an can be done easily ; but not everyone is willing to. Starting an online business can help you create finanical security, more time and is cheap to start. Its a start for financial freedom don’t you agree?

    1. Hi, Sharna absolutely you couldn’t have said it better! 9-5 / corporate jobs are the death sentence. I also hear people saying to me all the time that they don’t have experience in doing certain things but honestly, you don’t need experience with many you just need motivation.

  3. I love your list of small business ideas. I especially appreciated the referral to the website Text Broker since that sounds like something I can definitely do for some side hustling.

    I would love to see a list of various websites you recommend for users to either hone their skills to learn a new skill (like you did with Web Design) or where they can put their skills to the test.

    1. Hi that’s a good idea to incorporate to the website I mostly learned my skills creating sites as a class assignment from school. But there are a lot of resources available that would give you that step by step process where you don’t need any technical skills.  A good place to start is through the WA program that I use. They provide step by step guide into creating a website and taking the proper steps to monetize them. It’s easy to use and you have everything in one place such as domain, hosting, SEO, website builder, live 24/7 support. You have access to 2 free websites 10 free lessons and support from the group. Here is a link to get started. Anyone can gain the best valuable information for free on here. I am super confident that you will see the value of it the way that I did, Thank you for reading and I am glad you enjoyed it :).

      Below is the link to lesson 1 that you can check out for free

  4. This is a great detailed post. You have listed several ideas to make money from home or even just a small business. Working online is fabulous but you have to stay committed. I agree with what you said that you need to do something you are interested in or good at, that way you never work a day in your life when you do something you love, Right? I also went to school for Information Technology and got an AA degree, Like you said the jobs are all about who you are connected with. So the need for someone to be able to follow their heart and do what they are good at is massive.

    Great Post-Thanks for the information

    Take Care

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