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What is hosting a website about? 

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Website Hosting allows your website to be viewed online by people that have access to connectible devices all over the world.

These documents that live on the internet are referenced whenever someone searches for information.

Information that’s related to products, services or a topic that we might need the answer to.

For a website, you need to acquire two things a DOMAIN and HOSTING.

You can choose from hundreds of companies that will assist you in delivering the best hosting available.

These companies can also offer complementary domain which can make things a little easier.

Some even offer a free hosting, now normally those come with limitations. Such as bandwidth space, themes, customer support etc.

Now if you are interested in creating a professional website for your business or personal branding then I suggest you pay for the service.



Services normally run anywhere from $100 to $300 + a year depending on the added features.

This question comes up all the time,  what is website hosting about? When I am working with a client I always make this information easy to understand. This helps (you) clients to choose which service provider would be best to work with.

Now when choosing a service provider for your site I would recommend one where you are able to generate a domain and have a website builder. I like that it’s easier to manage where you have everything in one place.


Web hosting companies I recommend

Free or low-cost hosting can usually limit you to what you are able to do.

So if you’re looking to create one for your business then I would suggest paying for it.

What’s most important to me when I first started exploring how to create a business online was having customer support 24/7.

If I am working on my project at 3 am I need someone to be available just in case I run into any challenges.


Having a secure site is as equally important as choosing your provider so make sure you read up on that.

Another important factor that I look at is the security, you want to make sure that your sites protected against hackers and spam so having strong securities is very important.

The best way to execute that is to make sure your service provider includes an SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

This allows your site to be secured against any type of hackers.

I tried using I tried a few hosting companies within the last 5 years so hopefully, this will shed some light for you when making that decision.

Hosting service providers

WordPress hosting – $0-$25 a month

  • 3gb of storage space
  • Includes 1 subdomain
  • Jetpack essential features
  • Community support
  • Design customization
I have used WordPress in the past I had no problems with the hosting other than the additional add-ons. I have used host press free for learning purposes.

Award Space- $0-$10 a month

  • 1 Website
  • 1 GB storage
  • 5GB of monthly traffic
  • 24/7 support
  • No Site builder
  • No domain name included
Award space is easy to use and not a lot of money if you decide to upgrade

Free Hosting-$0-$14.00 a month


  • 10 GB of disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • 1 site hosted
  • 1 email account
    No subdomains
    No domain aliases

My hosting recommendation.

Wealthy Affiliate-$0-$49 a month (includes 50 websites for all hosting)

  • Viruses and Malware protection
  • 2 free sites with subdomains
  • Grammar and spelling overview
  • 2 out of 12 access to classrooms
  • 10 online training methods out of 50
  • 30 keyword searches with Jaaxy
  • 30 site scans


Click Here for more information

Hosting with Wealthy Affiliate

I absolutely find this platform so resourceful as well and informative with daily learning and free courses to start.

So if you want to learn more about website hosting hen you should definitely look into these platforms.

What I like about the free version is that it gives you the opportunity to see if this is something you really want to do.

A lot of people start and never finish, this is a learning platform and it requires a lot of effort, reading and dedication.

If you’re just starting out and you want to explore the possibilities of creating a website then its ok to create one where hosting is free.

Remember you can always change this later on down the line and pay for hosting which will have your site running faster and have more features.


Social Channeling [free courses]

The beauty about social channeling is that all the information you need I do my best to try to provide it for you on this website.

I created this learning platform to gain more exposure in the online space. I also invested hours upon hours of my time into something that I know will benefit me and you in the long run.


Free courses on:

  • Social marketing
  • Marketing
  • WordPress web builder
  • Create a successful blog post
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Email marketing
  • Domain email


  • 24 hour live chat support


Here’s a look at the classes that you receive with the program whether your a premium member or not you still have access to create 2 websites with free hosting.

With the premium package, you can create up to 50 sites with WordPress and its host for the same price.

My favorite part of being a premium member is that you have 24/7 chat help with other members of the community.

Everyone is super helpful and you get to share your site with members to get some real feedback.

Sharing your site is important for anyone because it gives you a chance to see if you have any missed opportunities.

Before I published this site I was encouraged to create more content in which I did.

You always want to take the good with the bad and everyone wants to see you succeed



These are just some of the hosting companies that offer free services.

However, if you’re looking for a more professional look with all the features like SSL, SEO, more themes, more storage etc then it would be best to pay for a membership.

This will allow you to have more opportunities to network with others.

So remember if you’re just starting whether your creating a blog for personal branding or looking into an online business go ahead and try them all if you have to.

They are all free so you can decide what is the better choice for you. 🙂 and your company.

So what is website hosting about?

Website hosting is about generating great content and providing relevant information to help others.

6 thoughts on “Website Hosting Reviews

  1. Another thing that many people don’t know about is the “necessity” to keep your domain hosting information
    private. If you go to WHOIS and type in a domain name, it’ll tell you all the relevant details on who owns the
    domain. If you don’t “pay extra” (some of the big hosting providers will offer you cheap hosting, but up-
    charge you to keep your WHOIS info private), then your contact information is PUBLIC, like a global
    telephone directory.

    I paid for hosting (recently) and forgot to tick the box (and pay extra) to have my domain information private.
    I can honestly tell you, I received about two dozen phone calls to my HOUSE at all hours of the day asking if
    I wanted “professional web building”. The e-mails I received from people selling their website design
    business? It literally filled my inbox with over 125 e-mails soliciting me for their services.

    While some hosting may be cheap, you definitely get what you pay for.

    1. Thank you, Dave I completely agree with you in a sense that you definitely get what you paid for. Thank you for sharing your experience this will give re3aders more insight on the subject. 🙂

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