What is keyword search?

Keyword search is incorporating key specific words to your website or blog.

Incorporating keywords on your website or blog extends your reach to readers that are in search for some information on products or services.

Properly optimizing your platforms will help people find answers to their questions or even better find your website.

There are so many people competing for a spot in the online space that it’s crucial to incorporate some strong keywords into your site. Understanding how to integrate keywords will also give you more exposure that means more visitors to your website which means more clients. Mostly you want to incorporate keywords that will be related to your services or products.

Some things to consider when looking for keyword searches.

Now that you understand a little more about keywords and the fundamentals now it’s time to strategize.

Ask yourself questions like “what are your clients searching for?”
How can you help answer some of their questions?

Creating content is a large portion of your success. It takes time and effort to create something that people will be engaged to which is why it’s good to jot down some questions that you think people might want to know.

 What is keyword search in SEO?

Search Engine Optimization
First, let’s understand what SEO is. Think of SEO as a pizza pie you have about five slices. All of those slices are what is going to make up the right keywords for your SEO.

There are many different platforms out there that you can choose from to find the best keywords, but for now, I will talk about Jaaxy.

What is Jaaxy Research?

Jaaxy Research is a tool developed by the WA team to help you find the right keywords for your blogs and websites.

It gives you a lot of information about possible affiliates, ranking, and available domains as well.

SOURCE: The Importance of Jaaxy Keyword Research

Here you have 5 important sections on the Jaaxy platform. AVG-Traffic-QSR-KQI-and SEO

  • Avg- This average is based on how many people are searching for this on a monthly basis. As you can see the average people asking how to grow plants? is 577.
  • Traffic- This column is based on how many people would be visiting your site if you were ranked #1 on search engines. So if you’re ranked at the top then you will receive 99 visitors on your website. Note this is an estimate.
  • QSR- “Quoted Search Result” is based on the number of competing sites that are ranked on top of the search engines for people searching for this same exact keyword. NOTE: ultimately you want this number below 100 the lower the better.
  • KQI-“Keyword Quality Indicator” This basically is going to indicate if the keyword search is great, normal, or poor. As you can see based on this particular keyword search “how to grow plants”? on the topic is good to start off with.
  • SEO- “Search Engine Optimization” I know many of you are already familiar with this acronym and its meaning again just wants to give everyone an opportunity to benefit from this. The higher the score the more opportunity for you to get ranked on search engines.

Keyword search is a type of online tool that helps you identify words that people are constantly searching for online.


If you want to look up a document online on how to grow plants?, you will see similar websites that have the words HOW TO GROW PLANTS? based on your keyword search.

Knowing what people are searching for in relation to your topic will give you a better understanding of how you can help them.

This will also help you increase site traffic as well as gain exposure for your brand, product or services.



How do I use Jaaxy?

First, have a niche that you want to talk about. Enter it into the search bar on your Jaaxy then you will be able to see your results.

In addition, make sure you go over all the other menus so you can utilize them for your site.

Here is another menu within Jaaxy site rank.

Site Rank- Site rank allows you to scan your website in the search engine so you can see where you are ranked on either Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

Jaaxy is the easiest keyword search that I have come across, not only is it simple but very efficient as you can see.

Also very important make sure that the keyword that you are using makes sense.

Often times you have misspelled words that are in the search engines, please don’t use those.


Save your keyword searches

What I like about this feature is that you don’t ever have to remember what keywords you used and what you searched for.

This option is available to you so you can save your searches and go back at a later time to reference if need be. Here is

a recent list that I created just to give you an idea of how it works.



Jaaxy Membership Options-Enterprise

Here are your membership options for Jaaxy, I realize that everything you want to do professionally has a cost but remember in the long run once you start producing results the price won’t even be a factor.

And you don’t even have to do all that you can just try out the free one and see how you like it.

If you’re interested in the enterprise membership you receive everything from your starter and pro combined.

So if you already have a business established and you want to utilize the ultimate keyword search power then the enterprise is something good to get into.

But don’ worry there is a free version 🙂


What is a good keyword search tool about?

There are plenty of keyword searches out there that you can choose from I hear MOZ is a really good one also.  It’s all about trial and error check some out and see which platform best suits you.

How To Conduct Pre-Research For SEO Keywords

Where can I find a free keyword search tool?

There are many companies out there that will allow you to do a limited number of keyword searches at no cost.

Most keyword search platforms are free with the option of upgrading to like a pro membership.

This gives you the opportunity to try it out and see which one is the best one for you.

Other keyword search tools.

About Sem Rush

Sem Rush is another keyword tool that allows you to see where the word is ranked very similar to Jaaxy.

I tried to create a free account with them but they asked for credit card information.

Now Jaaxy prices are more competitive although SemRush does offer you more options you really don’t need all the extras metrics I find that they really don’t do anything for you.

Features of Sem Rush includes

-Organic searches

-Advertising Researchers

-Display Advertising


-Keyword search



-Site audit

-Social media tracker

For more information on Sem Rush click HERE:


Another keyword search tool that I looked into was Word Tracker.

My only pet peeve with this is that you only receive 3 free word searches to try out for free. To learn more about Word Tracker click HERE:

Google keyword search


I absolutely love Google products and services, I use Google Docs, Google Pics, Google Plus, etc. And naturally, Google would have a keyword search tool.

Now the interesting part of Google keyword services is that you end up paying per click as opposed to a monthly fee.

The more research I did on Google keyword search the more I am more than content with using Jaaxy.

When you sign up for Google Adwords which is their version of the search tool it appears that keywords are based on bids.

I am still trying to understand the concept of Google AdWords and seems like many people have something different to say about it.

If you know more about Google Adwords go ahead and leave your comments below.

To learn more about Google Adwords you can go directly to their URL HERE:

So now that you understand more on what is keyword search about will make a difference in how successful you’ll be with your online journey.

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17 thoughts on “What is keyword search?”

  1. What great information on such an important part of a website. That Jaxxy tool sound pretty great. Do they offer a free trial at all?

  2. Thanks for your very comprehensive information about keyword searching. As someone with an online business myself I agree 100% that getting the right keywords are critical, and having the right tools to help are essential.

    I’ve not actually heard of Sem Rush before so I’m going to find out more about that one, so thanks for opening my eyes to a new tool. I am very familiar with Jaaxy and I hope your readers take your advice on that one because it is an excellent keyword tool.

  3. Jaaxy is the best! I’m so glad it is part of the Wealthy Affiliate experience. You cannot find success very easily today without a good keyword search tool. You explained Jaaxy awesomely and it is the only tool I like to use! It’s affordable, simple to use, extremely effective…it just makes sense to use it over the other options out there!

  4. Hi Vivi
    This is a very good look at some great tools for keyword research, my ears pricked up when you mentioned SemRush. I must look into that tool but I back away from offers of a free trial, where you need to insert credit card details. Why? It’s free!! Anyway thanks for the review.

  5. Hi! This is a very helpful article for me, I am just starting my journey as an online affiliate entrepreneur. I think I am more familiar with JAAXY now that you pointed out in details how to use it! Thanks a lot!

  6. Glad to see Jaaxy being broken down step-by-step. It is such a powerful tool and it can be used to find highly targeted keywords in any niche. If you want to find the best keywords in a short amount of time, Jaaxy is the tool you need.

    Thanks for writing this awesome in-depth review.

  7. I love yoast and the whole SEO adventure. If I could do freelance, I would totally do this. Making keywords is tricky but effective. If you use one very rated then your search engine might find it but not place you on the top of google. Gotta do it right.

  8. I’m so glad that Jaaxy is included in the premium Wealthy Affiliate membership for free. I’m still really new to doing keyword searching and it seems like I do at least 5 different searches per new post I’m making until I decide on which one I’m going to use. You really can’t beat that being included for free and not being limited to how many searches you can do.

    I haven’t really saved my keywords yet when I’m searching for them. Do you think it’s really necessary? Maybe you could give me an example of why I should be doing it? I’d hate to not do it and wish I did later, but I just haven’t seen the need to yet.

    1. Hi, Missy thank you so much for your feedback I couldn’t agree with you more Jaaxy being a part of the Wealthy Affiliate is a great benefit and great tool to have.
      As far as saving your keywords I like to go back and reference what I choose and if I can incorporate it on other content like Facebook or Linkedin since I write my content int here also. Thank you again for stopping by. 🙂

  9. Yes, keyword search is absolutely essential when trying to target traffic, and the tools you mention such as jaaxy absolutely fits the bill in terms of finding keywords that are best to target and easier to target. Your post is spot on, and well researched. Thank you so much.

    1. Hi, Ann thank you for taking the time out to providing some insight on my post. I love the fact that Jaaxy is included within the Wealthy Affiliate platform. I agree it really does make all the difference in the world. 🙂

  10. Hi Vivi,

    Super informative, very informative and well-written. Quick question about the google tool you used, was that the google Keyword Planning Tool or was it a different google product.

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